An ominous glint flickered in Ning Anlian’s eyes. Her fists were clenched in her sleeves as her chest rose and fell with her laboured breaths, calming down as best she could. “Your Majesty, how would you know what this Princess doesn’t? Learn properly from the Grand Tutor, otherwise, I won’t be at ease if this kingdom is handed over to you in the future.”


These words were making a complete mockery of Ning Lianchen. How could I, the Eldest Imperial Princess, know less than a shut-in emperor like you?


The Ning Lianchen of the past would have definitely exploded at this provocation, but ever since Ning Rulan passed away, he had become a different person. He still looked young on the outside, but his personality had transformed. He started to behave more coldly, never truly speaking or smiling from his heart.


He learned to lie. He learned to hide. He learned to wait for the right opportunity to seek revenge.


“It looks like this Emperor’s Imperial Elder Sister’s love for Prince Yun sure runs deep. But it’s not easy to guess what’s on his mind. Even if you don’t trust what this Emperor says,  you should try to see the reality. With how rarely you see Prince Yun, this Emperor is surprised that he still has thoughts for you. As for marrying you? How long will you be waiting?” Ning Lianchen spoke as if he was just gossiping with a friend, yet each of his words were like sharp daggers piercing deeply into Ning Anlian’s heart.


My heart is already bleeding. I will break down if I continue listening to this.


Ning Anlian pointed a finger at Ning Lianchen, “Get out of here! Get back to your repose palace! This Princess doesn’t want to see you! Get lost!” She flew into a rage, her finger shaking as she pointed at the door.


Ning Lianchen smiled lightly. “Imperial Elder Sister, what use is there in getting angry at this Emperor. Why not go find Prince Yun instead? Perhaps he’ll tell you when he’ll be marrying you; or maybe he’ll explain why he blocked all information of your affairs from spreading. Does he even want to marry you at…?”


“Enough! If it weren’t for you, he would have long married me. If…”


Ning Lianchen interrupted her. “Imperial Elder Sister, Prince Yun is an only child. His future Princess Consort will have to bear him a child, but can you??”


“What!” Ning Anlian’s head shot up instantly. How did he find out? Only Yun Ruofeng, herself, and a few other top-ranked imperial physicians in the Imperial Physician Institute knew of this. How did Ning Lianchen find out?!


“Don’t be so surprised. Even if this Emperor knows, I won’t leak it out. Imperial Elder Sister, sometimes, you can’t live in self-denial. That’s all this Emperor has to say today. You don’t need to see me off.” Ning Lianchen originally hadn’t had known that Ning Anlian couldn’t bear children, but now that he knew for sure, he was content to walk away with his goal accomplished.


Ning Lianchen only walked a few steps when he heard a loud howl coming from behind him. Ning Anlian’s thoughts were already running wild. Upon listening to everything Ning Lianchen said, she was no longer able to hold back the fire welling up within her heart.


This greatly satisfied Ning Lianchen. My Imperial Elder Sister is no longer around, so I’ll make sure that Ning Anlian’s days in the imperial palace will be worse than death. Yun Ruofeng, don’t think you will be let off either. I’ll definitely seek revenge for you murdering Imperial Sister so cruelly.


Ning Lianchen sent all the eunuchs away and walked alone on the palace path. Before he knew it, he had arrived at the middle of the Imperial Garden. Looking at the small pavilion in the middle, he felt a sense of nostalgia, as though his Imperial Elder Sister was still beside him.


When he didn’t behave then, she wouldn’t scold him, but lightly tap him on the head and smile. “Lianchen, if you continue to be mischievous, your elder sister is going to ignore you.”


He wasn’t afraid of his Emperor Father Empress Mother ignoring him. He was afraid that his Imperial Elder Sister would ignore him. During most of his childhood, his Imperial Elder Sister had been his companion.

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