Ning Anlian looked at Piao Xu and heaved a sigh of relief, her heart also slowly calming down. Hopefully Piao Xu is right, and I’m simply overthinking it.


Just then, the dignified and clear voice of a man echoed outside the doors of the palace hall. “Imperial Elder Sister, by thinking so negatively all day, are you hoping for bad things to happen to Nanzhao?” A bright yellow figure appeared as the voice stopped, followed by an imperial physician holding onto a medicinal box.


Piao Xu instantly turned and greeted with deference. “This servant pays her respects to Your Majesty.”


The figure was indeed Ning Lianchen, currently dressed in dragon robes. He would be able to go through his coming-of-age ceremony in another two to three years. According to the rules of Nanzhao, he was at the age where he should be starting to read through memorials and decide on state affairs. However, this was all currently taken on by Yun Ruofeng. Instead, Ning Lianchen’s position in the imperial palace was to study and practise martial arts. It was an idle but stifling life.


In other words, he was a puppet. Even the imperial jade seal[1] laid with Yun Ruofeng.


Ning Anlian gave a cold snort upon seeing her guest, “Why is Your Majesty not studying hard with the Grand Tutor, but coming to this Princess’ repose palace instead?”


Ning Lianchen’s maturity was not consistent with his age, and it was clear that he would only grow more charming as time went on. By the time he was of age to become the emperor, it probably wouldn’t be a stretch to call him the most handsome man in Nanzhao.


“The Ning imperial household only consists of this Emperor and you in this generation, Imperial Elder Sister. It’s been a long while since this Emperor has seen you. Can’t I miss you?” The corners of Ning Lianchen’s lips raised into a smile.


The smile truly looked sincere, reaching the depths of his eyes, but not his heart. In my heart, I only have one Imperial Elder Sister, Ning Rulan. Even if she’s dead, no one can replace her.


He wanted to kill Ning Anlian every time he saw her to avenge her sister, but he wasn’t stupid. Now is not the time. My wings are not fully-grown and I still don’t have enough power. With Yun Ruofeng possessing full control over the courts and military, I can only lie in wait for now.


“Haha, Your Majesty misses this Princess?” A glint of malevolence appeared in Ning Anlian’s eyes. With a wave of her hand, she ordered the imperial physician, “Piao Xu, take the imperial physician out with you to bandage your wound.” 


Piao Xu knew that the Eldest Imperial Princess had something to say to the Emperor, and nodded her head lightly before bowing and leaving. The imperial physician followed suit, sensing that the atmosphere was strange.


Only Ning Anlian and Ning Lianchen were left in the hall.


“It’s only the two of us now. Your Majesty may say what you wish, and not beat around the bush with this Princess. How could this Princess forget the good things you have done?” The hostility in Ning Anlian’s voice went up a notch, giving no regards to their relationship as siblings.


Ning Lianchen definitely knew what this good thing she was referring to was. When Imperial Elder Sister had just passed away, Yun Ruofeng wanted to marry Ning Anlian immediately. I was the one who did my best to gather the civilian court officials to spread rumours in and outside of the palace.


Due to a lack of options, the marriage was gradually postponed. Even now, it appears that Yun Ruofeng has yet to take the matter of marrying Ning Anlian to heart.


The corners of Ning Lianchen’s lips were still raised. “You really think that Prince Yun will marry you?”


“If it wasn’t for you stirring up trouble, this Princess would have become Princess Consort Yun.”


“Imperial Elder Sister, this Emperor is advising you to stop thinking about such things. Although there were rumours about the two of you spreading throughout the palace, your relationship with him was ultimately kept under wraps. All of this was under the orders of your beloved Prince Yun. Whoever spreads the news is to be beheaded!”

1. It looks something like this. It is like a stamp that represents the emperor and all approved memorials and any forms of official decisions would require this seal.

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