Ning Anlian looked at Piao Xu in her fury, seeing the latter’s bleeding forehead and harshly chiding, “Are you a fool? Don’t you know how to dodge? This Princess threw it at you, and you took it head-on?”


“Eldest Imperial Princess, please quell your anger. This servant is willing to bear it.” Piao Xu ignored the pain on her forehead stepped forward to persuade Ning Anlian.


“Someone, summon the imperial physician.” Ning Anlian spoke loudly enough to be heard from outside the doors.


A eunuch acknowledged the order and immediately headed to the Imperial Physician Institute, his heart pounding wildly. I don’t know what happened, but the Eldest Imperial Princess became irascible after returning to the repose palace. She’s destroying everything in the room, regardless of how expensive it is. Poor Head Palace Maid Piao Xu. Sigh, it’s sure hard to wait on the Eldest Imperial Princess.


Ning Anlian sat at the head seat in the main hall and looked at Piao Xu’s bleeding forehead. Blood flowed down her cheeks, with some dripping to the floor before Piao Xu tried to hurriedly wipe them away.


Looking at the bloodstains on the floor, Ning Anlian furrowed her brows. Piao Xu immediately began to beg for forgiveness, “Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant didn’t do this on purpose. This servant will wipe the floor until it’s sparkling clean.”


Brushing Piao Xu off with a hand gesture, Ning Anlian said, “This Princess will not punish you. Stay far away next time this Princess is angry, lest you be implicated.” Ning Anlian knew very well that she couldn’t control her temper whenever she got worked up.

 Even worse, it had been the person she valued the most who had hurt her feelings this time. How many times have I miscarried for Yun Ruofeng? It had previously been because of Ning Rulan that I had no choice but to abort my pregnancy.


With Ning Rulan dead, I had expected my fourth child to be born safely. Yet, who could have known that destiny would make a fool of me again?


On the day of Ning Rulan’s death, her abdomen had started hurting in the prison cell, and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. After the examination by the imperial physician, the diagnosis broke her heart even more.


In this lifetime, I may never be a mother again.


Ning Anlian’s face was all scrunched up. She lifted her hand and caressed her abdomen. If not for Ning Rulan, I wouldn’t have had to abort the pregnancy, and would have many children by now.


Why do the heavens treat me this way! Why can’t I have a good life even with Ning Rulan dead! Why does Yun Ruofeng treat me this way!


By keeping me outside the entrance of the Prince Yun Residence, did he ever spare a thought for my feelings!


Seeing Ning Anlian’s heartbroken visage, Piao Xu felt a tug in her heart. She couldn’t help but comfort her. “Eldest Imperial Princess, perhaps Prince Yun really is busy. Calm down first, and don’t be so worked up. Prince Yun treats you so well that it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss everything he’s done for you just because you couldn’t see him today.”


Ning Anlian pondered deeply. Although what Piao Xu said makes sense, he still allowed Ning Rulan to see him at any time in the past when he was still pretending that he liked Ning Rulan. Has he truly not forgotten Ning Rulan yet, or is he pretending to like me as well?


Ning Anlian shook her head furiously at the thought of the latter.


No way! He definitely loves me. Otherwise, why would he sleep with me? He’s always so gentle and afraid of causing me pain whenever we do it.


Ning Anlian relaxed slightly, but then immediately tensed up again. It’s been a long time since we have done that.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, stop letting your thoughts run wild.” Piao Xu spoke again, the bleeding on her forehead having already stopped.


“This Princess feels uneasy, as though something is going to happen. The mannerisms of Yun Ruofeng are only making it worse.” Ning Anlian’s brows were knitted again as she spoke.


“Nanzhao is flourishing day by day. The court ministers are all impressed by Prince Yun, and everything is going well. Eldest Imperial Princess, you must be overthinking.” 

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Ning Anlian shook her head furiously at the thought of the latter.

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