How can that be? I personally killed her and ended our relationship. How could I still have feelings for her after stepping on her proudness and everything that she implemented in this country?


But apart from this, why would I pay so much attention to a maidservant similar to Ning Rulan?


Yun Ruofeng’s head was aching; he couldn’t understand it. The gentle aura that usually surrounded him gradually changed to one of cold frustration. If there was someone around, they would see that his current state was completely different than what he was usually like.


At this moment, another imperial guard suddenly came forward.


“Prince Yun, the Eldest Imperial Princess has arrived and is waiting outside the door.”


A trace of unnoticeable annoyance flickered across Yun Ruofeng’s face as he waved his hand. “Let the Eldest Imperial Princess to go back. Tell her that this Prince is busy with public affairs today and not seeing anyone today.”


The imperial guard paused for a second before nodding when he saw the unhappy expression on Prince Yun’s face. “Yes!”


Ning Anlian was waiting eagerly outside the room. When she saw the imperial guard coming out, she took two steps forward and asked, “How is it? Did Prince Yun invite this Princess to go in?”


Ning Anlian was ready to walk inside before the guard even replied.


Even if she used her status as the Eldest Imperial Princess to put pressure on the imperial guards, Ning Anlian wouldn’t be able to barge into the Prince Yun Residence. Remembering how the previous guard had been fired for being forced to take Piao Xu’s silvers, none of them would pay attention to her grandstanding. As a result, she had no choice but to patiently wait at the main entrance like everybody else.


The imperial guard shook his head and blocked Ning Anlian’s way. “Eldest Imperial Princess, please forgive me. Prince Yun said that he is busy with officials affairs, and won’t see anyone today. Please go back, Your Highness.”


“What?” Ning Anlian wanted to stomp her foot in anger. “Did Prince Yun really say that?”


“Yes. Eldest Imperial Princess, Please go back!” The imperial guard stretched his hand out to block the path.


Ning Anlian looked at the inflexible guard and felt her anger threatening to boil over. She wanted to enter by force, but couldn’t.


“Can’t this Princess enter when I’m the Eldest Imperial Princess of the nation?” Ning Anlian asked furiously.


The guard ignored her and returned to his original spot. If Ning Anlian tried to enter by force, then he would go up and block her.


When Piao Xu saw this, she could only block Ning Anlian and comfort her. “Eldest Imperial Princess, we should go back first. Prince Yun is busy right now, and doesn’t have time to welcome you. When Prince Yun has finished his affairs, he will naturally enter the imperial palace and ask you for forgiveness.”


Ning Anlian was helpless and could only angrily leave.


Although I don’t know when it started, I can definitely tell that the distance between Yun Ruofeng and I is widening. Could it be that I’m really no longer able to capture this man’s heart?


Ning Anlian was irate when she returned to the imperial palace. The only things on her mind were the moments they had spend together, as well as the various little spats she had with Yun Ruofeng that had led to the current state of affairs.


She thought of Ning Rulan again. That bitch. Yun Ruofeng must be thinking about that bitch Ning Rulan.


He didn’t dare to do something like this to Ning Rulan, yet it has already happened to me multiple times!


Ning Rulan furiously picked up a vase in her repose palace and hurled it at the ground, shattering it into pieces.


She then proceeded to do the same with the teapot, ceramic glazes, carved ornaments, and a number of other things in the room. Ning Anlian didn’t save any of her energy.


Piao Xu watched the Eldest Imperial Princess throwing a fit and tried to stop her. “Princess, don’t smash them, don’t smash them anymore.”


However, Ning Anlian was in a fit of anger and couldn’t be bothered to listen to others. When Piao Xu tried to stop her, Ning Anlian had just picked up a porcelain vase. Instead of throwing it on the ground like everything else, the porcelain vase happened to end up shattering against Piao Xu’s head.


Crash! Blood immediately began to ooze from the new gash on Piao Xu’s forehead.


Piao Xu covered her forehead in pain, and couldn’t do anything but watch her master continuously vent her anger.

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