“The Magnolia Coco flowers are so beautiful,” Su Xi-er muttered.


On the side, Uncle Zhao grinned. “Although Magnolia Coco flowers are beautiful, they are extremely common due to how easy they are to grow. On the other hand, Lingrui flowers are worthless in Nanzhao, but priceless in other countries. This is because they can only grow in Nanzhao. Many people from other countries have come to Nanzhao wanting to transplant it to their country, but none of them succeeded.”


Uncle Zhao recalled, “Back then, there was a beautiful lady in Nanzhao who liked Lingrui flowers so much that she personally came to Moon County to buy and bring them to the imperial palace. Everyone called her a goddess from the heavens, but my memory is faulty after such a long time, and I can’t remember her appearance.”


Su Xi-er’s smile froze, her hand caressing the soft and silky petals of the Magnolia Coco flowers.


Su Xi-er knew exactly who the lady he was talking about was. It was her Empress Mother, the Empress of Nanzhao. She herself had still been the Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan, and not Su Xi-er.


Empress Mother was one of the Manyi[1], and she was very beautiful. When Emperor Father saw Empress Mother, he fell in love at first sight. He eventually married and doted on her.


But after Empress Mother passed away, Emperor Father forgot the woman he had deeply loved. He then completely abandoned everything between himself and Empress Mother, taking one beautiful concubine after another into the imperial palace.


Emperor Father used to say how much he loved Empress Mother, and how he would make her the happiest woman on earth. In the end though, he moved on so quickly and betrayed the trust of the woman who loved him deeply, even in death!


Men are a joke. They will say they love you, then forget about it when it’s convenient; even going as far as killing you without a trace of remorse. My Emperor Father was fickle in love. Even if Emperor Father loved me, I still can’t forgive him because of this.


Her hand suddenly tightened and broke the stem of the Magnolia Coco flower.


Su Xi-er’s sudden change frightened Uncle Zhao, and his heart skipped a beat. When he saw the noble gentleman slowly making his way over, he hastily moved to the side.


Su Xi-er realised that Pei Qianhao was approaching when he had entered the shop, managing to rein in her emotions just in time. What she couldn’t hide, however, was the broken Magnolia Coco flower in her hands.


“What happened? Are you angry?” Pei Qianhao asked, his tone flat with an irrefutable sternness.


Su Xi-er shook her head with a slight smile on her face. “How can that be? This servant was just too excited and accidentally broke the stem of the flower.”


Pei Qianhao maintained his composure as he took the Magnolia Coco flower from her hand and walked in front of Uncle Zhao. “I heard that there is a type of flower called Lingrui flower, which can only grow in Nanzhao. Shopkeeper, do you have it here?”


Uncle Zhao immediately nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. Dear customers, please follow me.”




Meanwhile at the Prince Yun Residence


Yun Ruofeng was sitting in the antechamber when someone suddenly arrived.


The person knelt immediately. “Prince Yun, Prince Hao from Beimin took his maidservant to Moon County.”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression didn’t change when he heard this, simply waving his hand as he dismissed the person. “Mmm, this Prince has noted it. Withdraw.”


His hand supported his jaw lightly, and no one knew what he was thinking.


When he thought about Su Xi-er drinking that night, Yun Ruofeng realised that he was spending too much time on this woman.


His thoughts became disorderly as he thought of Ning Rulan. The reason why I am paying attention to Su Xi-er is because her aura is similar to Ning Rulan’s.


If not for that, why would I even pay attention to a maidservant? Even if she was very beautiful, that is just skin deep.


However, even if the maidservant is similar to Ning Rulan, I still paid too much attention to her.


Could it be because I still feel something for her...?

1. A term used to refer to ethnic minority groups in ancient China.

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