Just the sight and smell of so many fresh flowers being sold could make people calm and relaxed.


Su Xi-er eyes were half-closed as she seemed to enjoy the quietness of this moment.


Pei Qianhao watched as the corner of her mouth lifted slightly; she looked playful.


“Why? Are you very happy?” Pei Qianhao asked.


Su Xi-er opened her eyes slightly when she heard Pei Qianhao and smiled at him. “Prince Hao, don’t you think that the fragrance of these flowers can make you happy?”


Most of the time Su Xi-er smiled, it was that fake polite facade that she always wore. What Pei Qianhao saw today was Su Xi-er’s real smile.


To relax himself, he copied her and took in the fragrance of the flowers that wafted in from the outside. It really smells great.


“Prince Hao, aren’t you feeling more relaxed?” Su Xi-er asked and stared at Pei Qianhao, as if she had to hear an answer from him.


Pei Qianhao saw that she was watching him seriously, and felt his heart skip a beat before it returned to normal.


He replied, “This Prince is definitely more relaxed, but this Prince will be even more relaxed if this Prince can slap you once or twice.”


Is he saying that I am talking too much? Su Xi-er thought. I am not stupid enough to ask to be slapped.


She lifted the curtain of the carriage silently, pretending she didn’t understand what Pei Qianhao meant and saying, “Prince Hao, you are making fun of this servant again.”


Pei Qianhao snorted softly, but didn’t say anything else.


Su Xi-er knew that this man was not someone to offend casually. I called him ‘little bitch’ before, and I’m afraid he’s still angry. I absolutely can’t offend him at this moment. If I remain quiet, then he will have no reason to be upset.


Besides the flowers, there were also numerous peddlers and pedestrians outside, creating a bustling atmosphere outside.


With the scent of Magnolia CocoJasmine, and other plants flowing around her, Su Xi-er could almost imagine that she was standing in the middle of a field of countless blooming flowers with numerous butterflies fluttering around. It made her feel very relaxed.


However, her smile disappeared quickly. I can’t stay and enjoy this so-called peaceful moment. Lianchen is still controlled by Yun Ruofeng; Ning Anlian is still the Eldest Imperial Princess; and Yun Ruofeng is still the Prince Regent.


The previously peaceful air around her disappeared in an instant, replaced by a frigid demonlike aura straight from hell.


Being so close to her, it was only natural that Pei Qianhao noticed the coldness around Su Xi-er. In her current state, any sudden moves would immediately alert him.


As the Prince Regent from Beimin, he had been through many types of situations, and had been forced to make split-second decisions under life-threatening conditions. The killing intent that emanated from Su Xi-er was very obvious, but the killing intent wasn’t directed at him.


With him not bothering to hide his scorching hot gaze, Su Xi-er could feel it clearly. She turned her head and met his dark eyes that looked like they could suck people in with their magical powers.


Su Xi-er’s heart skipped a beat, and the resentment in her eyes immediately disappeared.


She stared at him and asked in a confused tone. “Prince Hao, what are you looking at? Is there something dirty on this servant’s face?”


Su Xi-er purposely wiped her cheeks as she spoke, pretending to be dumb.


“This Prince was just wondering what you were silently cursing at. Were you saying something bad about this Prince?”

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