Su Xi-er returned to the courtyard with the cloth bundles in hand before realising that Pei Qianhao was no longer there. She thought for a moment before heading towards the main entrance of the posthouse. Knowing him, he must already be in a horse carriage in front of the posthouse.


Pei Qianhao gives off the impression that he does everything spontaneously, but all his decisions are actually made after careful consideration. That said, Su Xi-er still found it puzzling that Pei Qianhao suddenly chose to visit Moon County at this time, but she didn’t think she was the reason for his decision.


She had once told him that her mother like the Lingrui flower, even going as far as to name it ‘Weiyi.’ But why would he remember these words?


There was indeed a horse carriage waiting for Su Xi-er when she arrived at the entrance of the posthouse. It was just that this wasn’t the resplendent carriage of Prince Yun, but a normal wooden carriage. Needless to say, it was much less spacious than the other carriage as well.


Pei Qianhao lifted the curtains of the carriage, looked at Su Xi-er, and enunciated his words slowly, “Come on up.” His tone did not contain any of his usual cold and aloof persona. One could even go as far as to say there was some warmth in his tone, though it was uncertain if Pei Qianhao was actually in a good mood.


When the imperial guard driving the carriage heard Pei Qianhao speaking like this, the former’s eyes twitched as he subconsciously glanced towards sun in the sky. Did the sun rise from the west today?


Su Xi-er approached the carriage before grabbing ahold of its frame, using it to push herself aboard.


Su Xi-er was getting more and more skilled in boarding the horse carriage; her petite body was also becoming less frail as time went on. The past Su Xi-er would always fall ill every time she was beaten, to the extent that everyone thought that she was going to die. In the end, she had pulled through every time.


It was only after Ning Rulan entered this body that the original Su Xi-er really died.


The carriage began to move as soon as Su Xi-er sat down.


Su Xi-er felt a little uncomfortable when she noticed Pei Qianhao staring at her. It’s not like there’s nothing on my face.


At this moment, Pei Qianhao suddenly quipped, “Why does this Prince feel that you are getting shy? This isn’t the first time this Prince is looking at you in this manner. Why are you trying to dodge it this time?” 


Pei Qianhao had great observation skills, being able to notice even the slightest change in Su Xi-er’s expression.


“Prince Hao, why did you suddenly suggest going to Moon County? Is it for the Lingrui flower?” Su Xi-er simply changed the subject.


With the corners of his lips raised, Pei Qianhao asked, “What do you think?”


“This servant has no understanding of Moon County. In Nanzhao, this servant only knows Prince Hao. This servant will go wherever Prince Hao goes.”


After hearing these words, Pei Qianhao felt much better; these words worked well on him. His eyebrows were no longer knitted, and a glimmer of smile appeared in his eyes.


“You were previously searching for a flower at Shui Manor. According to your description, it can only be the Lingrui flower. Since we have come to Nanzhao, this Prince is taking you there to see it.”


A strange glint flickered in Su Xi-er’s eyes before she calmed down again.


Is he really taking me to Moon County to see Lingrui flowers just because of a statement I made?


“Prince Hao, are you going to Moon County because of this servant? Not because you wanted to go on your own accord? Su Xi-er asked directly.


Pei Qianhao did not think that she would ask this question. It could be said that she had guessed correctly, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth.


He always had this feeling that there must be some relationship between Su Xi-er and Nanzhao. Either she had come to Nanzhao when she was young, or one of her parents was a citizen of Nanzhao.

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