I had invited Prince Hao to visit several times when I was Ning Rulan, but my offer was never accepted. It’s surprising that he knows this country so well, having never been here before.


He would be a fearful enemy, one that Nanzhao wouldn’t be able to win against.


“What, you don’t want to go?” Pei Qianhao stepped closer to her as he spoke, causing Su Xi-er to step back on reflex.


Pei Qianhao just quietly watched her, not pushing the issue as he had before.


“Where do you want to go, Prince Hao?”


“There is a small county close to the capital city called Moon County. There are a lot of gardeners there, and it’s also called ‘Flower Town’. Let’s go there.”


When Su Xi-er heard ‘Moon County’, she immediately thought of the Lingrui flower. It was a beautiful flower from the Moon County as it is meticulously cultivated by gardeners. He knows that I have been looking for the Lingrui flower at the Shui Residence.


Is he suggesting that we go to the Moon County on purpose? Is he taking me there because he knows that I want to see Lingrui flowers? Is it just for my sake, or does he want to see them too?


“Go to your room to pack; we are leaving soon. It’s boring to always stay at the posthouse.” Pei Qianhao glanced at her before heading towards the courtyard.


Despite her misgivings, Su Xi-er did want to see the Lingrui flowers. As a result, she obediently followed his instructions to go get ready


Pei Qianhao stood in the courtyard, admiring the scenery before an imperial guard came over and bowed. “Prince Hao, a pigeon letter from Commander Wu arrived this morning.”.


Pei Qianhao then received a piece of paper from him, glancing it over with a cold look in his eyes. The imperial guard next to him was so scared that he didn’t dare to look at Prince Hao. What message did Commander Wu send? It must be bad news right? Why would Prince Hao’s face be so dark otherwise?


A light snort came out of Pei Qianhao’s lips before he passed the piece of paper to the imperial guard. “Burn it immediately.”


The imperial guard immediately replied with a ‘yes’ before hurrying to complete his orders, not daring to ask any further questions.


Pei Qianhao returned to watching the scenery, though his eyes were now tinted with a hint of gloominess as he thought about the message from Wu Ling.


Prince Hao, the corrupt official was associated with many organised groups. This subordinate had investigated thoroughly and finally found that he is linked to Pei Yong from the Pei Residence’s branch.


It was immediately clear why Wu Ling had not been able immediately reconvene with the main party in Nanzhao. It turns out that the County Magistrate at the border had colluded with a side branch from the Pei Residence; either that, or he was Pei Yong’s subordinate.


Even if Pei Yong is just part of a side branch of the Pei Residence, he can’t be kept anymore.


Pei Qianhao had previously investigated Pei Yong before because of Su Xi-er. His investigations revealed that Pei Yong really liked to play with women, not even letting go of young girls and children.


Just that was already enough to warrant a death sentence. I didn’t think that he would be colluding with a corrupt official as well. Even if it was just a small county at the border, the seriousness of this issue is apparent.


The borders of a nation are especially important. Although it was petty greed that had led to this situation, such ambitions will grow endlessly until eventually, they become a poison to the nation.


When he thought of this, the atmosphere around Pei Qianhao became solemn.


In the backyard, Su Xi-er quickly packed her things. She went to Pei Qianhao’s room to first pack his clothes before heading to her room to do the same.


Once finished, she took the two cloth bundles and walked towards the front yard.


The female cook had just finished making lunch when she saw Su Xi-er walking out with two cloth bundles. “Su Xi-er, are you all leaving the posthouse?”


Su Xi-er stopped walking and shook her head. “Prince Hao just wants to visit some nearby counties in Nanzhao. We will be back before Nanzhao’s state banquet.”


The female cook nodded repeatedly. “I see. Hurry and go; don’t make Prince Hao wait.” Having heard imperial guards often urging Su Xi-er with such words, the female cook unconsciously started to do the same.

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