Su Xi-er nodded and smiled brilliantly. She didn’t want the female cook to be awkward in front of her because of what happened last time. She could see that the female cook was a pretty genial person.


Su Xi-er scooped a spoonful of snow pear soup and sipped it slowly. The sweetness was just right. She couldn’t help but praise. “Auntie, your cooking is great; you could even open a food stall outside.”


Auntie was embarrassed hearing this. “My cooking can’t compare to the food outside. I would only be making a loss if I open a food stall.”


“How would you be making a loss? This snow pear soup is so tasty and sweet, but not overly so. This posthouse welcomes noble guests, and even Prince Hao is staying here. If your cooking wasn’t great, why would they have you be the only cook in this entire place?”


The female cook heard this and was puzzled. My cooking really isn’t that good, but why didn’t Prince Hao blame me?


“Auntie, what happened?”


Su Xi-er’s words made the female cook return from her stupor. “Due to Prince Hao’s status, you must pay great attention to his meals. I have just been making home-cooked food from the countryside these past few days, but haven’t been blamed at all. Su Xi-er, you…”


At this point, the female cook immediately stopped. I can’t ask Su Xi-er about Prince Hao, I must remember what happened last time.


“What did I do?” Su Xi-er had almost finished the snow pear soup, putting down her spoon as she smiled.


The female cook immediately waved her hand. “Nothing. I need to go and prepare lunch now.” She then walked to the other side of the kitchen.


Before Su Xi-er could say anything else, an imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence arrived. “Su Xi-er, quickly go to the hall, and bring some hot water to Prince Hao. Prince Hao wants to drink water.”


Su Xi-er stood up. “Doesn’t Prince Hao usually drink tea?”


The imperial guard shook his head. “He just wants water today. Hurry, Prince Hao doesn’t have the patience to wait.”


Upon hearing that, the female cook immediately spoke up. “There is some hot water here; bring a teapot over and fill it up.”


Su Xi-er nodded and carried a set of teacups over from another room. After cleaning them rinsing them out, she poured some hot water in.


After that, she walked out of the back kitchen and in the direction of the hall.


The female cook watched Su Xi-er’s back with a worried look. Prince Hao is always giving out orders in a hurry. I pray that nothing happens to Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er carried the tray with the set of teacups inside. After she entered the hall, she put the tray down on the table on one side, then bowed to Pei Qianhao who was sitting in the main seat. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao. The hot water is here.”


“Carry a cup of it over.” Pei Qianhao instructed coldly, his eyes glued on Su Xi-er. She was so drunk last night. Yet she has recovered so quickly?


Su Xi-er followed the instructions, bringing a cup of water over to Pei Qianhao. “Careful, it’s hot.”


Pei Qianhao took the cup, blew on top of the water and took a sip. Through the teacup and its cover, he looked at Su Xi-er.


Her eyes were calm and unperturbed, as if she had forgotten all about last night.


“Su Xi-er, you cursed this Prince again yesterday.” Pei Qianhao put down the teacup and looked at her casually.


Su Xi-er was shocked. I cursed him again?


“It looks like you have forgotten. This Prince has never been cursed by someone like that. Do you know what you called this Prince?”


Su Xi-er didn’t respond. How would I know?


“You called this Prince a little bitch. Do you remember?” Pei Qianhao’s whole face had darkened when he heard those words. If she hadn’t been drunk, he would have strung her up and punished her with a beating.


Su Xi-er was stunned. No matter how confused I was, I wouldn’t call him a little bitch. Although he is perverted and a jerk, I would never curse at him like that.


“Looks like you don’t remember.” Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened as he watched at her quietly.


“Do you know what this Prince’s mood was like at that moment?” Pei Qianhao questioned again, standing up at the same time.

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