The sun had already risen when Su Xi-er awoke the next day, the bright light making it difficult for her to open her eyes.


Su Xi-er raised her hand to rub her aching forehead, only remembering that she had arrived at the Prince Yun Residence where she had been challenged to a drinking match by Ning Anlian.


Ning Anlian was dead drunk by the end, and I didn’t feel great either. After that, I can’t remember anything. I don’t remember how I got back to my room at all.


She rubbed her forehead with her right hand a few more times. Although she still felt a bit dizzy, the feeling had subsided for now.


Su Xi-er lifted her quilt and began to get up, pausing when she caught sight of the dress that she had on. The blue garment was twisted and hanging off the side of the bed, while the wrinkles in the fabric indicated that something had been pressing down on it.


Was I pressed under someone yesterday? Who was it? Pei Qianhao? When she thought of this, Su Xi-er felt her headache returning.


He is a very proud man. Would he really take me to my bed and cover me with a quilt without taking my clothes off while I was completely drunk?


Su Xi-er sighed. I shouldn’t drink too much of that wine.


She then got off the bed, heading towards the wardrobe. It wasn’t long before she had stripped off all her old clothes and put on a new green coloured dress.


Su Xi-er was going to wash off the smell of alcohol from the blue dress. She tied her hair into a simple bun before putting her blue dress and other clothes into a wooden basin, carrying them out of the room.


She walked by the well, picked up a bucket of water, and squatted down to wash her clothes.


The female cook walked past here coincidentally. She wanted to go up and say something to Su Xi-er, but didn’t dare to. Prince Hao has already blamed me for previously asking Su Xi-er to sew some clothes.


What if Prince Hao appears again when I go up and talk to Su Xi-er? The female cook was a bit hesitant. She glanced at Su Xi-er one last time before deciding to keep walking.


Su Xi-er happened to raise her head and spotted her before calling out, “Auntie.”


When the female cook heard herself called gently, it was like a soft breeze had entered her heart. If my daughter had grown up safely, she would be almost the same age as Su Xi-er. How great it would be if that was my daughter calling me.


“Auntie, are you going to the back kitchen?”


The female cook turned around with a cautious look on her face. “Yes, I am going to clear breakfast away and prepare for lunch.” At this point, she suddenly remembered that Su Xi-er hadn’t had breakfast.


“Have you eaten breakfast yet? You must eat something in the morning. Going hungry is a trivial matter, but it’s bad for your stomach.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “I will finish washing the clothes first; I woke up late today.” It was rare for her to sleep in, only having done so today because she had drunk too much last night


“I stewed some snow pear soup [1] this morning. Come and drink it after you finish washing the clothes. Try to wake up earlier in the future as well.” When the female cook finished talking, she smiled and walked away.


Su Xi-er watched the female cook’s retreating figure and thought that she was acting stiff today. It must be because Pei Qianhao frightened her last time.


This garment is made of such a delicate material. I need to slowly rub it, wash it twice, then rinse it twice to finish washing it.


Su Xi-er hung the garment on a pole before walking to the back kitchen.


When the female cook saw her, she took the snow pear soup out immediately. “There is just one bowl left, but there are no other dishes or porridge left. Drink this, and you can have lunch in four hours.”

1. A type of Chinese pear with yellow skin, also called yellow pear.

I found a few versions of it online but I felt that this looked the most appetising.


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