Stunned by her words, Pei Qianhao could only continue to grin as he watched the passed out Su Xi-er.


I was just thinking that this woman looks much better when she’s drunk, but I didn’t expect her to be as audacious as to point and curse me out as a ‘little bitch.’


However, why do these disparaging words not sound like a slight when they come from her mouth? What a joke.


With how inebriated Su Xi-er was, trying to read Prince Hao’s thoughts would’ve been a pipe dream. All she knew was that she was dizzy, and felt a bit hot.


She pulled at her clothes, but due to how close Pei Qianhao was, it did nothing to cool her off. In the end, she actually shoved Pei Qianhao away. “Go away. It’s so hot.”


Pei Qianhao was taken off guard, and suddenly felt his side impact the floor of the carriage. Although it wasn’t painful, displeasure was evident on his countenance.


He looked at Su Xi-er, only to see her continuously pulling at her clothes in discomfort.


Strong wine warms the body. Since this woman is already drunk, her body must also be burning like mad.


Pei Qianhao carefully inspected her visage. I didn’t think that she would drink without regard for her wellbeing when I asked her to try a little.


Luckily her liquor capacity is high, and that the quality of the wine wasn’t too poor either. If she had kept vomiting and wantonly made a scene, I would have left her far far away.


As Pei Qianhao watched on, he couldn’t help but move forward to grasp her hand. However, how could a drunk person be so easy to dissuade? Su Xi-er simply struggled to get free and pushed him away.


Suddenly, the horse carriage jolted. Thud! Pei Qianhao’s chin knocked against Su Xi-er’s teeth.


Feeling the pain, Pei Qianhao knitted his brows.


“What’s the matter?” He asked with anger in his tone.


A quivering voice could be heard from outside. “Replying to Prince Hao, a rock suddenly appeared on the street, and the carriage wheels happened to roll over it, causing the sudden jolt. Please forgive me, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao looked at Su Xi-er, who was in his embrace, and made no further comments.


The horse carriage continued travelling for some distance before it finally arrived at the posthouse.


The pages and maidservants hastily came out to receive them, only to see Prince Hao helping an intoxicated Su Xi-er alight the carriage.


The imperial guards stared at Prince Hao supporting Su Xi-er before giving each other looks of bewilderment.


There was a lot on their minds at the moment, but they didn’t dare to voice their thoughts. Su Xi-er is really different from the other maidservants. Prince Hao actually personally supported her as she alighted the carriage. Even a Room Concubine Servant wouldn’t receive such treatment, right? They all struggled to keep a neutral expression as they watched the scene in front of them. 


Upon witnessing such a scene, the new maidservants at the posthouse moved forward to assist, but were coldly rejected by Pei Qianhao, “There’s no need. This Prince can handle supporting her.”


The two maidservants felt very awkward and retracted their hands, timidly retreating to one side as they watched Prince Hao help Su Xi-er in.


After Prince Hao and Su Xi-er had entered, a bold imperial guard couldn’t restrain himself from agreeing with his companion. “It looks like you were right about Su Xi-er being Prince Hao’s Room Concubine Servant.”


That person replied in a pleased manner, “Look at how beautiful Su Xi-er is. Why hasn’t Prince Hao officially accepted her? If you think about it, there’s no way Su Xi-er would be so audacious if her position was only that of a servant girl. Isn’t she able to behave that way because Prince Hao favours and supports her?”


The other guard suddenly understood. It really seems like that’s the case.


Voices of discussion continued outside while Pei Qianhao supported an unsteadily swaying Su Xi-er to the room.


Before he could help her onto the bed, Su Xi-er had already struggled free of his hold before staggering a few steps forward. 

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