Upon thinking about her grievances, Ning Anlian started crying, her tears dropping like pearls from a broken necklace.


She stared directly at Su Xi-er with eyes full of accusation, and cursed at her as if the latter was the person she hated so much. “Ning Rulan you little bitch, you are still trying to provoke people even after your death. Ning Rulan, you…”


Ning Anlian had only begun before Yun Ruofeng’s expression suddenly changed, interrupting Ning Anlian with knitted brows. “The Eldest Imperial Princess is drunk. Send her back to her repose palace right away!”


Piao Xu quickly called people over to take the Eldest Imperial Princess away. If she continues to talk, she will become a joke.


The maidservant acted quickly, taking Ning Anlian away within seconds.


As Su Xi-er had drunk a lot of wine, her hazy expression masked all of the coldness in the eyes. She just indifferently looked on as Ning Anlian cursed at her, watching as the latter lost all the face and dignity of an imperial princess.


When Yun Ruofeng saw that Ning Anlian was taken away, he apologised to Pei Qianhao. “The Eldest Imperial Princess is drunk and has forgotten herself. We apologise for letting you see a joke, Prince Hao.”


After that, he looked at Su Xi-er who was next to Pei Qianhao. “Your maidservant can tolerate liquor well. This Prince didn’t think that there are women from Beimin who can tolerate so much alcohol.”


Not to mention Yun Ruofeng, even Pei Qianhao was surprised that Su Xi-er could handle drinking so much.


Although he had some doubts, his expression didn’t change and he replied politely, “It’s just okay.”


Following the drinking match and loss of composure by the Eldest Imperial Princess, no one had any appetite to continue the night banquet. Pei Qianhao directly got up.


“It’s late, and this Prince is feeling a bit tipsy, so I will be heading back.”


Yun Ruofeng didn’t try to persuade him to stay, and even personally sent them out of the residence.


Yun Ruofeng walked with Prince Hao at the front while Su Xi-er followed them.


Although Su Xi-er didn’t look drunk, she could just barely manage to unsteadily walk around.


The horse carriage was waiting at the front entrance, and the driver lifted the curtain of the carriage to welcome Prince Hao aboard.


On the side, Su Xi-er was feeling dizzy. She shook her head before staggering in the direction of the carriage


Yun Ruofeng was watching Su Xi-er continuously. Although he was a bit far from her, he still rushed towards her as quickly as he could when Su Xi-er pitched forward.


A big hand supported Su Xi-er, but it was Prince Hao’s hand.


Through her hazy eyes, Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao, and then saw Yun Ruofeng’s hand awkwardly hanging in mid-air.


She suddenly heard Pei Qianhao’s voice next to her ear. “This Prince won’t trouble Prince Yun with my maidservant.”


Yun Ruofeng’s hand was frozen in mid-air for a while before he dropped it. He was still smiling gently like a spring breeze, and didn’t seem to be affected by his actions. To others, it just looked like Prince Yun was trying to support a maidservant because he was caring.


Su Xi-er’s waist was held by Pei Qianhao as they headed towards the carriage. She wanted to move on her own, but with how drunk she was, she had little choice but to follow Prince Hao.


Yun Ruofeng watched on the side, the figures of the man and woman imprinting themselves in his mind.


His eyes were deep, unreadable by anyone. Watching the horse carriage disappear into the distance, he felt that something was getting further and further away from him.




In the horse carriage that was faded into the distance


Su Xi-er was really feeling drunk now. Although she had been holding on because she hadn’t wanted anyone else to find out, she had actually been drunk for some time.


Pei Qianhao looked at her, noticing that the touch of flush from before was now spread across her entire face. She actually looks pretty pleasant with this rosy appearance of hers.


Su Xi-er was lying on the side, groaning and moaning. It seemed that being drunk made her a bit unwell.


Without cursing and glaring, her shy appearance made Pei Qianhao pinch her nose involuntarily.


The corner of Pei Qianhao’s mouth lifted into a smile, unable to stop himself from saying, “This appearance is actually rather adorable too.”


With her nose pinched, Su Xi-er couldn’t breathe normally. She struggled for a bit before opening her eyes and looking at the person who was harassing her.


The slightly drunk Su Xi-er pointed at Pei Qianhao’s nose, and pretended to be serious. “You little bitch.” After that, she laughed heartily.

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