Su Xi-er didn’t hold back, keeping pace with Ning Anlian as they knocked back one drink after another, with neither showing signs of getting tipsy.


Seeing that the woman across from her wasn’t having any trouble keeping up, Ning Anlian became even more jealous. I originally thought that this wine would’ve been enough to get this bitch drunk and demonstrate my prowess. I didn’t expect that she would be completely fine.


As a result, Ning Anlian suddenly thought of something else. “This Princess is in a great mood today, and I am happy to have met my kinder spirit over wine.” After that, she waved her hand towards the back. “Come, somebody bring the flower wine for this Princess.”


Yun Ruofeng knew that the flower wine had a high alcohol content, and as Su Xi-er was from Beimin, her tolerance would definitely not be able to compete with Ning Anlian’s.


He quickly tried to stop her. “Eldest Imperial Princess, three rounds of wine is enough; it won’t be good for the body if you drink more.”


This was originally a kind reminder, but to Ning Anlian, it sounded like Yun Ruofeng was protecting that little bitch.


Fine, since he wants to protect her, then all the more I can’t listen to him.


She smiled. “No need to worry, Prince Yun. This Princess can tell that this maidservant can drink, so this Princess will continue to accompany her today. I presume that she must feel honoured to be able to drink with this Princess.”


Besides, neither Prince Hao or that little bitch have aid anything to stop me. As the Prince Regent of Nanzhao, how is he in the position to get involved?


Yun Ruofeng stopped talking and focused his gaze on Su Xi-er, finding that her face was indifferent, not betraying any sign of intoxication.


Shortly afterwards, a maidservant brought the flower wine to the table.


Ning Anlian asked the servant to pour the wine for both of them before finishing the entire cup in one shot. Su Xi-er quickly followed suit, refusing to fall behind.


As everyone quietly watched the drinking match between the Eldest Imperial Princess and the maidservant, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.


What happened to the Eldest Imperial Princess tonight? She’ll get drunk if she keeps on drinking so much.


Although women from Nanzhao are good at drinking,Su Xi-er doesn’t seem to be losing to the Eldest Imperial Princess. If they continue at this pace, it’s hard to say who will win!


Everyone watched as the flower wine was emptied, one pot after another.


When all of the flower wine was finished, the Eldest Imperial Princess was still shouting for more wine despite being completely drunk. She had totally lost the bearing of an imperial princess.


Opposite her was Su Xi-er who, while having a flushed face, was obviously not drunk.


Everyone sighed. Everyone says that women from Nanzhao have high liquor tolerance, but in the end, it’s actually a maidservant from Beimin who won!


Ning Anlian was drunk enough that she could barely stand up straight, forcing Piao Xu to support her from the side in fear that she would fall.


“This Princess wants to drink more. Keep pouring, keep pouring for this Princess! Quick!” Ning Anlian instructed. With a red face and cloudy eyes, she tried to pour wine from an empty pot but was naturally unsuccessful.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, you are drunk.” Piao Xu’s eyebrows had scrunched up as she essentially held Ning Anlian up.


Why is the Eldest Imperial Princess so drunk today? I remember that the Eldest Imperial Princess’ alcohol tolerance is superb.


Hearing what Piao Xu said, Ning Anlian refused to listen, and instead burst out angrily. “This Princess is not drunk! How can this Princess be drunk?”


She looked at Yun Ruofeng who was sitting next to her, catching the indifferent expression on his face. Instead of looking back at her, his empty gaze made it look like he was thinking about something.


Is he thinking about that little bitch Ning Rulan? Does he not love me anymore? I have sacrificed so much for him, but I am still waiting for him to marry me and give me a title.

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