Ning Anlian’s pent up anger made her wish that she could tear Prince Hao to shreds. With the current disparity between Nanzhao and Beimin however, she had no choice but to hold her temper.


Su Xi-er coldly looked at Ning Anlian. I never thought that as the high and mighty Eldest Imperial Princess, she would actually be requested by Prince Hao to drink with a maidservant. This is simply lowering her status!


Neither Ning Anlian nor Yun Ruofeng responded.


Ning Anlian felt as suffocated when she saw no avenue to vent her anger. She originally thought that Yun Ruofeng would help her out, but she didn’t think that he would remain silent.


Pei Qianhao looked at her and reminded, “Eldest Imperial Princess, please drink!”


As soon as I drink, I will be acknowledging that there is no difference between me and a servant girl. But if I don’t, I’ll have trapped myself. With how strong and prosperous Beimin is, it may be difficult to prevent a war if Prince Hao becomes angry.


Ning Anlian wasn’t stupid, and naturally knew the relationship between the two nations.


Hatred flashed across her eyes. She raised her head and carefully sized up Su Xi-er who was sitting beside the main seat, finding that she was actually very beautiful. They all say that Prince Hao likes beauties, but I didn’t think that even a maidservant would be so beautiful.


For Prince Hao to think so highly of her… Don’t tell me that this woman is actually not just a servant girl, but his concubine or Room Concubine Servant?


Following this train of thought, Ning Anlian felt that this was very possible.


But this woman has an indifferent aura. No matter how I look at it, she is extremely similar to...Ning Rulan  that bitch!


She hated Ning Rulan with every fibre of her being. She snatched the position that was meant to be mine, and my lover along with it. Even if Ning Rulan is dead, she had once been Yun Ruofeng’s fiancée, yet I...


After fighting for so long, I originally thought that he could quickly marry me and give me a status.


But I didn’t think that with Ning Rulan long dead, I would still be waiting after he has already become the Prince Regent!


Ning Rulan, why do you still have to torture this Princess even when you’re dead? Based on what, based on what?


Under the hazy moonlight and soft flickering of the candles, the indifference emanating from Su Xi-er grew increasingly similar to Ning Rulan’s.


Ning Anlian stared into the eyes across from hers, feeling that they were becoming increasingly like Ning Rulan’s. They stared at her with an ingrained arrogant indifference, as they would forever be looking down on her for being a lowly concubine-daughter. This imagery stung Ning Anlian’s eyes.


Resentment boiling up, Ning Anlian didn’t care that it was a little maidservant drinking with her, and forgot the dignity she should have.


She immediately raised the wine up and instructed someone beside her. “Come, pour wine for this Princess!”


With the cup filled, Ning Anlian raised it and smiled at the little bitch in front of her with her rosy lips, the jealousy in the recesses of her eyes on full display.


She told Su Xi-er, “This cup is to express Nanzhao’s intentions in forming a diplomatic relationship with Beimin. This Princess will be drinking first to show my sincerity.”


Ning Anlian then looked at Su Xi-er, waiting for her to drink.


Su Xi-er didn’t refuse and picked up her wine cup. “This servant will drink this cup of wine in Prince Hao’s stead.”


Afterwards, Ning Anlian and Su Xi-er continued taking drinks one after another, as it was tea instead of wine.


Nanzhao was a country famed for its wine. Both men and women had relatively high alcohol tolerance, and Ning Anlian was extremely confident about this point. Every cup she drank was filled with jealousy and confidence. 


It was as if she treated Su Xi-er as Ning Rulan, feeling that she would win if she could get Su Xi-er drunk.

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