With Su Xi-er serving at the side, she naturally felt the precarious tension between the two. Prince Hao’s dagger-like cold words could pierce people’s hearts. On the other hand, despite his gentle expression, Yun Ruofeng’s almost overt provocations left no leeway. 


Ignoring it all, Su Xi-er calmly put dishes she thought were delicious into Prince Hao’s bowl.


She seemed to not have noticed the competition between the two and spoke up, “Prince Hao, you can eat the dishes now.”


Pei Qianhao saw her earnest look as she picked the dishes and found it pleasing. He smiled at her and picked up his chopsticks before beginning to slowly savour the food.


Only after a while did Pei Qianhao compliment, “The dishes prepared by the chef at the Prince Yun Residence is indeed delicious.”


“You flatter me too much, Prince Hao.”


“However, compared to the dishes made by this servant girl beside this Prince, it is still lacking a little.”


The temperature of the surroundings seemed to drop. Prince Hao sure talks big.


Only Su Xi-er knew how inedible her own dishes were.


Although the chef at the Prince Yun Residence wasn’t an imperial chef from the palace, his decades of experience made it impossible for him to be inferior to them.


Not only did Prince Hao compare the Prince Yun Residence’s chef to a little girl, he even said that the former loses out?


“If that’s the case, this Prince is really ill-informed. I wonder if this Prince has the fortune to try the dishes prepared by your servant girl, Prince Hao?”


Su Xi-er felt that Pei Qianhao was doing it on purpose, and hastily interjected. “Prince Hao is giving me too much credit. This servant only knows how to prepare two kinds of rough dishes. Prince Hao is used to eating exotic delicacies, so he might have felt that it was delicious when he tried something different. It probably wasn’t good at all.


Pei Qianhao no longer said anything, while Yun Ruofeng chuckled. “Since Prince Hao has praised you so much, I suppose that Miss Xi-er must also have some talent. This Prince is looking forward to your dishes.”


“That’s easy to discuss. However, it depends on this servant girl’s mood. Only when she’s in a good mood can she come up with sumptuous dishes, so there is a certain degree of luck.” 


This could be considered as Prince Hao rejecting Yun Ruofeng’s request. At the same time, he also proved to others that he was very biased and protective towards the servant girl at his side. It all depended on her mood, and Prince Hao wouldn’t force her.


Yun Ruofeng smiled and nodded, and although he didn’t say anything further, his eyes were narrowed as he watched the servant girl at his side pick out dishes for him.


The two noblemen appeared elegant and lofty even when they were eating. Even if they were just looking, the surrounding people felt that they were extremely lucky to have witnessed this sight.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes would drift to Pei Qianhao from time to time, but his gaze ultimately landed on Su Xi-er who was behind him.


After three rounds of drinks, Yun Ruofeng showed no signs of being inebriated. On the contrary, he seemed to become more clear-headed the more he drank. Looking at the woman not far away from him, he found it a little hard to shift his gaze away.


Those in the surrounding area were clever people, and they could tell that Prince Yun was looking at the servant girl beside Prince Hao. Furthermore, Prince Hao seemed to treat this woman differently, his words suffused with doting and bias.


They were a little jealous of this beautiful woman. All of us are clearly lowly women, but what kind of ability does she have to attract the attention of the two Prince Regents?


Before anyone could gather their thoughts, they saw Yun Ruofeng suddenly raising his wine cup and addressing Su Xi-er. “Miss Xi-er, since you are from Beimin, you might not have drunk Nanzhao’s special fruit wine. This fruit wine doesn’t harm the body, and women can also drink it. If you don’t mind doing me the honour, how about drinking a cup with this Prince?”


Without waiting for Su Xi-er to answer, Pei Qianhao’s brow was slightly furrowed, expressing his otherwise undetectable displeasure. “Women drinking wine? However, if you really want to drink, this Prince will allow you to.”

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