Yun Ruofeng’s expression remained gentle and elegant despite being questioned.


He drank the fruit wine in his hand before slowly replying, “Anything, especially the laws of the imperial court, will have increasingly conspicuous loopholes that can be exploited after becoming antiquated. This Prince simply found a better method to replace the old policy with.”


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes seemed to be lingering on Pei Qianhao as he spoke, but were in fact looking at Su Xi-er behind him.


“Oh? So it was you who proposed the changes, Prince Yun?” There was an overtone in Pei Qianhao’s words, and Yun Ruofeng naturally understood.


He looked at Pei Qianhao. “This Prince has discussed this matter with His Majesty. Realising that there were major flaws in the policy, it prompted us to put a new one in place. Of course, this Prince merely suggested some solutions. The final decision will always come down to His Majesty.”


Su Xi-er raised her eyes slightly to look at Yun Ruofeng.


‘His Majesty’ was precisely Ning Rulan’s younger brother. Even if I have a different identity now, it won’t change the fact that I am Lianchen’s elder sister.


Su Xi-er felt her chest tighten. I wonder how Lianchen is doing now?


My death left Lianchen alone in the cold imperial palace. Lianchen has yet to find his footing, but with Yun Ruofeng dominating the court, and Ning Anlian stirring up havoc in the imperial harem, how is Lianchen going to survive this imperial palace that is rife with deception?


If Lianchen hadn’t been an imperial prince and been of use to Yun Ruofeng, I’m afraid that he would have long met the same fate as myself. How could it be possible for him to continue discussing court matters with Lianchen?


Lianchen is like a puppet to Yun Ruofeng.


Su Xi-er felt countless waves ravaging her heart, but her expression remained unruffled. She knew that Yun Ruofeng was paying attention to her. Regardless of whether Yun Ruofeng knows something, I mustn’t let my expression reveal anything.


Pei Qianhao silently observed Yun Ruofeng’s expression and faintly smiled. “That makes sense. Nanzhao’s Emperor is no longer young, coming of age in just five years. You can be much more relaxed after that, Prince Yun.”


Although a smile hung at the corner of his mouth, he exuded an aura of unmatched arrogance. He was like the revered king on the clouds looking down at all living things. Even if was smiling, he could still demonstrate his imposing might.


Yun Ruofeng silently rotated his wine cup and replied, “Right, this Prince will be relieved when that day comes. Prince Hao, Beimin’s emperor is still so young that you’ll have to worry for many more years.”


Pei Qianhao nodded. “Although Nanzhao’s emperor is a bit older, Beimin’s isn’t that young anymore either. He is already learning how to govern a nation, and developing his own opinions as well. As Beimin’s subject, this Prince will definitely strive to do the most that I can for Beimin. Once His Majesty grows into an adult, this Prince can also be relieved of a huge burden, and retreat into the mountains to live in seclusion.”


“That’s true, Prince Hao. With someone as capable like you though, even if Beimin’s Emperor can face everything independently, you don’t have to resign and live in seclusion. I’m afraid that Beimin still needs you, Prince Hao.” Yun Ruofeng spoke casually, but had subtly attacked Prince Hao again.


Not rejecting his challenge, Pei Qianhao nodded and followed along. “Of course not; but this Prince will also be tired when that time comes. Since the late Emperor entrusted His Majesty to this Prince, I will definitely give my best in educating His Majesty. When His Majesty grows up, he will definitely be able to handle the affairs of the state alone. If His Majesty still wants this old subject when that time comes, I will naturally continue to contribute my efforts to Beimin.”


The two continued to spar with words as they drank their wine indifferently, not touching any of the dishes on the table.


Although their words sounded relaxed, the atmosphere surrounding them was once again submerged in coldness. The subtle implications of their words hinted at an underlying hostility, like two swords being drawn.

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