Hearing this, Yun Ruofeng waved his hand and signalled the maidservant to withdraw.


The maidservant nodded her head lightly and passed the wine pot to Su Xi-er before turning away.


Su Xi-er took the wine pot and slowly poured the fruit wine into Pei Qianhao’s cup.


The smell of fruit wine emanated, but before she could finish pouring, Su Si-er felt a sharp pinch on her thigh...


It was obvious who the culprit was; Su Xi-er just didn’t think that he would be so mischievous right now.


Consequently, her hand twitched and the wine spilt.


Everyone had noticed the incident; after all, the night was all about Prince Hao.


When Su Xi-er saw what happened, she finished pouring the wine and carefully wiped the edge of the cup.


Pei Qianhao cast her a sidelong glance and whispered to her so that only the two of them could hear, “So you really don’t like to pour wine for this Prince? Or do you want to pour wine for Prince Yun instead?” After that, he raised his cup and took a sip.


Su Xi-er’s face was still indifferent. Without any fear, she said, “Of course not.”


“Hmph, you had best take care to not let this Prince find out otherwise.”


Pei Qianhao’s eyes remained on Yun Ruofeng while he spoke. The latter only replied with a warm smile that would have charmed any woman.


Su Xi-er whispered her reply so that only two of them could hear it. “Prince Hao should know what this servant is thinking; it is already a huge blessing to serve Prince Hao.”


“Oh?” He replied meaningfully. Pei Qianhao obviously didn’t believe it, but as her reply was flattering, he didn’t continue to make things difficult.


After that, the two stopped talking.


When Yun Ruofeng saw that Pei Qianhao had finished a cup of fruit wine, he asked, “Prince Hao, how does this fruit wine taste?”


“The fragrance is great, and the taste is refreshing, leaving a satisfying aftertaste as well. It certainly doesn’t shame Nanzhao’s reputation as the country of wine.” Pei Qianhao’s generous praise pleased everyone around.


As expected, even Beimin’s Prince Regent is also won over by Nanzhao’s wine.


However, Yun Ruofeng wasn’t proud like the others. Pei Qianhao has a weird temper. No matter if he is positive or negative, his words are just that: words.


Although that was what he thought, Yun Ruofeng still said gently, “Prince Hao, please drink two more cups. After all, this fruit wine is a specialty of Nanzhao. You probably won’t be able to enjoy it anymore after returning to Beimin.”


Prince Hao sneered. “Although this fruit wine is pure scented and doesn’t make you drunk, this Prince actually enjoys wines that are spicier. Of course, occasionally drinking wines like this is also fine.”


After finishing off what was in his cup, Pei Qianhao waved his hand to signal Su Xi-er for a refill, sipping it carefully.


The silence in the air nearly congealed. There were so many people in the huge back garden, but it was quiet to the point that even the sounds of the birds and insects couldn’t be heard.


The two men didn’t talk, only quietly sipping one cup of wine after another.


The pot of wine in Su Xi-er’s hand gradually emptied as she continuously refilled Pei Qianhao’s cup, leading her to go and retrieve a fresh pot.


Seeing that she had temporarily left, Pei Qianhao shifted his body slightly and asked Yun Ruofeng, “This Prince heard that Prince Yun had dismantled the new policy set by the previous Eldest Imperial Princess not long after her death. Is that the case?”


Su Xi-er just returned with a new pot of wine and heard Pei Qianhao talking about the new policy. Her eyes narrowed slightly, but returned to normal when Yun Ruofeng looked over.


It’s true, the new policy was dismantled by Yun Ruofeng. After all, it had been made popular when Ning Rulan was still alive. Now that she had been ruthlessly slain by him, how could he allow the policy to remain?

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Prince Hao sneered. “Although this fruit wine is pure scented and doesn’t make you drunk, this Prince actually enjoys wines that are spicier. Of course, occasionally drinking wines like this is also fine.”

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