When Ning Anlian heard that Prince Yun had invited Prince Hao over, she suddenly stood up. “What? Prince Yun is going to entertain Prince Hao?”


The covert guard nodded. “Yes, Eldest Imperial Princess.”


“Why is he entertaining Prince Hao at this moment? Doesn’t he know that his recovering body can’t tolerate drinking so much wine? Can’t he cherish his body more?”


Ning Anlian had a worried expression as she swiftly walked towards the front door. “No, this Princess will go and take a look myself. I absolutely can’t let anything happen to Prince Yun!”


Piao Xu was watching on the side and quickly went up to stop her. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you can’t.”


Ning Anlian’s expression became worse when she heard this, turning to Piao Xu to ask, “Why can’t this Princess go and take a look? Everyone says that drinking wine is bad for the body. He’s already injured and has an unstable pulse; not to mention he already drank a great amount of wine at the last banquet.”


When she thought of this, Ning Anlian couldn’t sit still anymore; she wanted to be by Yun Ruofeng’s side immediately.


Piao Xu waved her hand to the side, signalling for the covert guard to withdraw, and quickly went up to grab Ning Anlian’s hand. “Eldest Imperial Princess, I’m afraid it’s inappropriate to go over now.” When Ning Anlian heard this, displeasure instantly appeared on her countenance. “How is this inappropriate? You tell me: is it inappropriate for this Princess to go and see Prince Yun? ”


I am just afraid that something will happen to Feng, Is it wrong to visit and care for him? Even my own head palace maid is persuading me otherwise!


Piao Xu was familiar with the Eldest Imperial Princess’ temper, and knew that she was asking for something impossible. The notion made her tremble with fear.


However, she didn’t have any other choice. Since I’ve decided to follow this master, I must follow them to the end. Their benefit will become mine.


She said slowly, “Eldest Imperial Princess, you have just heard it from the covert guard, the guest that Prince Yun has invited is Prince Hao. With prince regents from two nations meeting for a banquet, they will certainly discuss matters of their nations and matters of the court. Eldest Imperial Princess, you have been protected by Prince Yun, so you are naturally unaware of the contest between the two countries. If you hastily head over, it will result in Prince Yun’s displeasure.”


Piao Xu’s words were sincere, and it wasn’t like Ning Anlian didn’t understand. Understanding however, was not the same as accepting.


“But this Princess just wants to ask Prince Yun to take care of his body and drink less wine. This Princess won’t interrupt the conversation between him and Prince Hao; why can’t I go?”


I am Yun Ruofeng’s woman. Is it wrong for me to care for him? Even if I disrupted the matters of the court, there are no grounds to blame me. We will be together in the future, and become the most honourable people in Nanzhao. We will then share all responsibilities together as husband and wife.


So why can’t I go now?


“But…” Piao Xu opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Ning Anlian. “This Princess is Prince Yun’s favourite person. Piao Xu, you should know this as my personal maidservant.”


Piao Xu nodded. “This servant knows.”


“Then how can you say that Prince Yun will be upset if this Princess goes to his residence to care for him? I only worry that this Prince Hao has some ulterior motives and will persuade him into drinking too much, exacerbating his injuries. It is only this Princess who can convince Prince Yun to avoid such a thing.”


Of course Piao Xu knew about this. But from what I can see recently, Prince Yun...

Piao Xu thought about it and looked at the person in front of her. I don’t dare to say that to the Eldest Imperial Princess.

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