Su Xi-er’s smile suddenly brightened. “How many nobles have you seen to dare to make such big talk?”


Xiao Cui was taken aback. I didn’t expect her to suddenly ask such a question. Only when she returned to her senses did she reply, “Although I haven’t seen many nobles, I have seen the current number one beauty in Nanzhao, the Eldest Imperial Princess. I feel that you look better than her.”


Xiao Cui purposely lowered her voice and added, “You can’t let others know of what I said; otherwise, both our heads will roll.”


Su Xi-er was more aware than anyone that casually commenting about nobles could indeed lead to one losing their heads.


“Although you’re beautiful, the unfortunate thing is that you are a lowly maidservant like me. If you were born a noble young miss, you would have definitely found a good marriage.” There was no trace of jealousy on Xiao Cui’s face, only curiosity. Why is a pretty woman like her doing odd jobs in the back kitchen?


Su Xi-er replied, “One’s appearance is just that: an outward appearance. Everyone will grow old whether they’re ugly or beautiful. At that time, wouldn’t everyone be the same?”


Xiao Cui thought about it. It does seem to make a little sense.


The two went about their work again for a while until a page suddenly approached them.


He took a few steps forward and informed Xiao Cui, “The night banquet is starting soon. You can’t be too careless with chopping the firewood since the kitchen also needs it. If there isn’t enough later, even 10 lives wouldn’t be enough.”


Xiao Cui hastily nodded. “Yes, yes, I’ll be done soon.”


That page glanced at Xiao Cui before his eyes shifted towards Su Xi-er, bewilderment emerging as he failed to recognise her.

Is this good-looking woman a new servant in the prince residence? That’s not right, these clothes aren’t what the maidservants wear in the Prince Yun Residence.


Although he couldn’t identify the type of cloth, he could still discern its quality. This is obviously not the attire of a maidservant. Could she be a master? Apart from Prince Hao though, I haven’t heard about any other people coming to the Prince Yun Residence.


Still puzzled, the page could only move forward and deferentially ask, “Miss, may I know who you are? Why haven’t I seen you in the Prince Yun Residence?”


Xiao Cui hastily helped her to answer, “Oh, she’s a new maidservant. I pulled her here to help me.”


“A new maidservant?” The page obviously didn’t believe that as he pointed at Su Xi-er’s attire. “Would a new maidservant have this kind of attire?”


Only then did Xiao Cui noticed Su Xi-er’s attire. This is definitely not something a maidservant would wear. Don’t tell me that I got the wrong person?


The two of them suddenly found themselves in an awkward position.


Observing the change in atmosphere, Su Xi-er explained, “We’re all servants. The only difference is that I’m brought here by Prince Hao.”


Xiao Cui’s countenance immediately became distorted and aghast.


Brought here by Prince Hao… I said so many bad things about Prince Hao just now. Will I...


Xiao Cui didn’t dare to continue her train of thought, only feeling a sudden chill around her neck.


The page nodded. “No wonder. Don’t stay in the wood shed anymore. You should hurry to the hall since the banquet is starting soon. As Prince Hao’s servant girl, you will definitely be required to wait upon him.”


Su Xi-er nodded slightly, but didn’t respond.


She didn’t head to the antechamber immediately. She instead walked into the rear kitchen, planning to wash the cutlery once more before the banquet.


When she exited the back kitchen, it was almost time for the night banquet to begin.




The Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian’s repose palace


Someone hastily entered the main hall and knelt down.


Ning Anlian looked at him. This person is the covert guard I dispatched to the Prince Yun Residence.


As long as the matter concerned the Prince Yun Residence, Ning Anlian wouldn’t be able to maintain her composure.


She quickly questioned, “How is it?”


The covert guard cupped his fists. “Replying to the Eldest Imperial Princess, Prince Yun is entertaining Prince Hao in the back garden of the prince residence today.”

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