The little girl’s face was filled with admiration and reverence for Yun Ruofeng. It was almost as if she wished that Yun Ruofeng could appear in front of her so that she could worship him properly.


Su Xi-er stopped what she was doing, and thought about how Xiao Cui was similar to many other young girls in their boudoirs who harboured a longing towards Yun Ruofeng.


It was also the case for me back then. I didn’t see through Yun Ruofeng’s facade, and thought that he was as gentle and elegant as he appeared to be. His handsome appearance had captured my young heart just like that.


Xiao Cui’s incessant words streamed into her ears. “You’re new here, so you may not have seen Prince Yun. You definitely don’t know how good-looking and good-natured he is.”


Xiao Cui even stopped working, as if it was necessary for her to be able to explain all of Prince Yun’s merits clearly.


“There was one time that I accidentally bumped into Prince Yun in the kitchen, and it gave me a scare. Just when I thought I was going to be punished by my master, Prince Yun pardoned me. He even asked if I had been injured by my fall. I have heard that in other residences, a servant would have been punished for even messing up slightly. Prince Yun however, is different...”


While Xiao Cui continued to chatter about Yun Ruofeng’s merits, Su Xi-er’s expression remained indifferent. She heard everything, but didn’t care to comment.


Similarly, Xiao Cui also didn’t care that Su Xi-er remained silent, and assumed that she didn’t speak because she was still timid. It was as if Xiao Cui had found an amazing listener for her to pour out her impressions of Prince Yun.


“You don’t know how handsome Prince Yun looks when he smiles. It looks like the sunlight in winter, or a cattail leaf fan[1] in summer. Sigh, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyways, Prince Yun is very wonderful. I am even willing to die for the chance to sneak a few more glimpses of him. On the other hand, I feel that Prince Hao not very good. I heard a rumour from Elder Sister Tao Zi that he acts cold every day; and that his frigid expression is exceptionally frightening. ”


Su Xi-er set down the firewood before looking at the sky. Rooted to the spot, she realised that night was about to fall.


That’s right. This young girl is right. Yun Ruofeng really does appear to be gentle and polite; the role model of every man in Nanzhao.


However, nobody knows that he hides a black heart. He ruthlessly condemned me to death with a single arrow. He even colluded with my younger sister, held my younger brother hostage, and became the Prince Regent, enjoying the luxury that doesn’t belong to him.


She sighed. My mindset is no longer that of a young girl. Right now, all I want is to witness how Yun Ruofeng and Ning Anlian fall from the peak. The more tragic, the better. This is the only way for me to resolve my hatred!


When Xiao Cui saw Su Xi-er standing there in a trance, she thought that her words had caused the latter to fantasise about Prince Yun.


She immediately teased her, “You shouldn’t entertain any thoughts about ascending the totem poll by forging a relationship with Prince Yun. He isn’t someone that crude servants like ourselves can afford to associate with. All I ask for is to chop firewood in the prince residence just so that I can occasionally catch glimpses of him.”


Su Xi-er suddenly smiled so beautifully that even Xiao Cui was stunned. She couldn’t help but compliment, “You’re so beautiful, even more beautiful than the nobles I have seen.”

1. It looks something like this:

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