The maidservant saw the surprise in her eyes and was slightly proud. “What’s your name? Do you feel that the Prince Yun Residence’s back garden or the Prince Hao Residence’s back garden is more beautiful?”


Su Xi-er hadn’t expected such a question from her. Both of them are Prince Regent. Their residences are decorated according to their country’s unique style, so it can be said that they each have their merits. However, I didn’t expect this little maidservant would think to try comparing them.


Su Xi-er wore a smile on her visage. “I’m called Su Xi-er. As for the back gardens, both look beautiful, and they each have their own merits.”


But the maidservant didn’t seem to be satisfied. “It can’t be that both are the same right? There has to be one that’s better than the other.”


Su Xi-er knew that she had the intention to make comparisons. Yun Ruofeng is the apex for the people in this residence, so they definitely hope that he is better than Pei Qianhao.


Looking at the scenery before her, she replied indifferently, “We are all vulgar servants. The prince residences’ sceneries aren’t something we can comment on. Even if we feel that something is good or bad, everyone’s opinion is different, meaning there’s nothing to even compare.”


The maidservant’s expression changed when she heard Su Xi-er’s reply, letting out a smile of embarrassment. “That makes sense too.”


The back kitchen of the Prince Yun Residence was packed with people busy preparing for tonight’s banquet.


The maidservant looked at the people in the kitchen and pointed to Su Xi-er. “This is Prince Hao’s Miss Xi-er. Under Prince Hao’s orders, she has come to wash Prince Hao’s cutlery.”


Everyone had heard of Prince Hao’s reputation, resulting in everyone chorusing respectfully, “Greetings to Miss Xi-er.”


Su Xi-er only nodded her head slightly before moving forward to grab Prince Hao’s cutlery, making sure to wash them carefully.


It was only a short while before she finished. Seeing how everyone else was extremely busy, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything else you want me to help with?”


How would they possibly dare to ask Su Xi-er for help? This is the maidservant serving beside Prince Hao. Since Prince Hao has brought her all the way to Nanzhao, she has to be his favourite.


Therefore, many people shook their heads and waved their hands. “No need, no need.”


Faced with such a response, Su Xi-er also decided to not remain in the kitchen any longer. However, just as she was about to leave, a little maidservant hastily ran over and looked at her anxiously.


This maidservant was a low-ranked one who chopped firewood in the Prince Yun Residence.


The woodchopper maidservant pulled Su Xi-er’s hand and requested anxiously, “Why don’t you come and help me move the firewood? I can’t handle it on my own.”


Before Su Xi-er could nod her head, the maidservant had already dragged her out with a tight grasp on her wrist.


Soon, the two had exited the kitchen.


In the kitchen, the people who had just returned to their senses stopped what they were doing and asked, “Did Xiao Cui pull Miss Xi-er away just now?”


Realisation dawned upon them, but they didn’t make any further remarks and continued their work.


The woodchopper maidservant, Xiao Cui, brought Su Xi-er to a place with a heap of firewood. She hastily grabbed some wood and placed it on the round wooden stump that was used to hold it in place, motioning for Su Xi-er to imitate her.


“Carry those firewood over.” She pointed to the area beside the round wood stump.


Su XI-er nodded. Chopping firewood is a tough job, and I have nothing else to do right now. I may as well help her.


As Xiao Cui worked, she asked, “You’re new here right? I don’t think I have seen you before.”


Su Xi-er didn’t reply, absentmindedly ignoring Xiao Cui’s words as her mind was filled with other matters.


Xiao Cui also didn’t seem to mind that Su Xi-er ignored her. After all, the newbie maidservants are all shy. They don’t even dare to speak an extra word. It was the case for me when I just came too.


However, after staying in the Prince Yun Residence for a long time and feeling that Prince Yun was a good person, Xiao Cui had become more talkative. She smiled brightly at Su Xi-er. “They all say that Prince Hao is skilled in both literary arts and martial arts, and that he possesses an outstanding appearance. However, he has numerous concubines in his residence. On the contrary, I actually feel that our prince is much better than Prince Hao.”

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On the contrary, I actually feel that our prince is much better than Prince Hao.

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