She suddenly realised what arrangements Yun Ruofeng had made for the beggars. Arranging simple and crude housing for some, and for those who can’t fit, make them pose as peddlers on the street.


Has Nanzhao already fallen to this state? Su Xi-er pursed her lips and dropped the curtains.


Suddenly, the cacophonous noise around them ceased as everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the luxurious horse carriage.


That is… Prince Yun’s horse carriage! Is the person inside the carriage Prince Yun?


When one of the peddlers saw the horse carriage, the look in his eyes darkened. He began to walk forward before he was blocked by a patrolling bailiff runner. “Are your dog eyes blind? Can’t you see whose horse carriage this is? How dare you to block it! Withdraw.”


The voice was neither loud or soft, but  Pei Qianhao could still hear it from the inside of the horse carriage. A glint of playfulness flickered across his eyes, but Su Xi-er also saw the mockery in his eyes.


Mocking Yun Ruofeng for being able to lead an army but not knowing how to govern a country was fine; Su Xi-er wouldn’t object to it. Mocking Nanzhao however, made her uncomfortable.


Nanzhao had been moving forward after my new policy was implemented, but everything that I’ve seen so far suggests that the policy has been removed by Yun Ruofeng.


“It has been a little rewarding coming to Nanzhao this time.” Pei Qianhao crossed his hands behind his head, his face satisfied.


“Prince Hao, you seem very happy.” Su Xi-er said slowly, carefully observing every expression on his face.


“Otherwise, should this Prince be sad when I see that other countries are not as good as Beimin,? Our second place competitor, Nanzhao, is even gradually heading backwards.” Pei Qianhao asked. As Su Xi-er is a Beimin citizen, she should logically be happy.


“Prince Hao, you’re right. You should be happy.”


“Why does this Prince hear the dissatisfaction in your voice? It’s making this Prince curious. Exactly which country are you a citizen of?”


Su Xi-er knew that he was suspecting her again. “Of course this servant is a Beimin citizen. I was born in Beimin and grew up in Beimin. All of these were recorded by the Imperial Household Department.”


“It’s true that they were recorded.” But I still think that something is not right.


The two then grew silent as the carriage sped up, soon arriving at the Prince Yun Residence.


When the imperial guards at the Prince Yun Residence saw the horse carriage, they immediately reported, “Prince Hao has arrived.”


Pei Qianhao dismounted the horse carriage first, then allowing Su Xi-er to get off.


All of the imperial guards at the Prince Yun Residence had solemn faces, and looked like they had been trained properly. The guard who had been forced to take Piao Xu’s silvers had already been fired.


Yun Ruofeng was strict to his subordinates. Even if it was Wei Mohai who made a mistake, he would still be punished. In fact, the higher their position, the harsher a subordinate’s punishment would be.


Su Xi-er looked at the big gold-plated words, “Prince Yun Residence” on the signboard. This used to be the General Residence.


But now that he has become Nanzhao’s Prince Regent and reconstructed the estate, the General Residence has become the Prince Yun Residence.


The front door had become even wider, and the signboard larger. Even the gold letterings had become bigger.


The guard on duty bowed politely. “Paying respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao nodded his head lightly and directly walked in. The imperial guard at the residence then respectfully took them to the hall.


The guard on duty looked at Su Xi-er’s figure from behind and felt a bit shocked. Prince Hao needs to take a maidservant with him when he goes out? Does he think that the maidservants from Prince Yun’s Residence won’t serve him properly?


Su Xi-er walked towards the hall. I have been here before, and now I have returned. It is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The paths are the same, but the decorations, paths, foliage, and many other things have changed to become grander.


At this moment, Yun Ruofeng was standing in the middle of the hall, an air of gentleness surrounding his body.


When he saw Pei Qianhao, he smiled. “Prince Hao, it is this Prince’s honour that you have agreed to come to the Prince Yun Residence as a guest.”


Yun Ruofeng’s lips were a bit pale, having yet to fully recover from the ferocious poison of the Banded Krait. Even if the poison had been forced out, it would still take a few days for the victim’s body to normalise.

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