Don’t go out, and the philtre fragrance rouge will be brought into my room. This is really...


Su Xi-er believed that Pei Qianhao would absolutely do something like that. She hit the table hard with her right hand. “I’ll be out soon.”


She then left the back kitchen and headed to her room with the imperial guard trailing along behind her, following which he stood guard outside her room.


After she went in, she opened her closet and took out a pure light blue dress. The hem of the dress had a few flowers on it, but the rest of it was very simple.


As the clothes were gifted by Pei Qianhao, the fabric wasn’t coarse and felt comfortable.


Having finished changing quickly, Su Xi-er began to tidy her hair. It was still styled in the likeness of a palace maid, not a Falling Bun.


The imperial guard standing outside felt his eyes widen when he saw Su Xi-er step out of the room. She can bring out a completely different look every time she changes clothes.


In pink, she is graceful; in green, she is elegant and generous; in blue, she is quiet and poised. I wonder if she will bring out a different feeling next time?


Su Xi-er glanced at him. “I can’t disobey Prince Hao’s orders. I’ll go now.”


The imperial guard nodded. “Don’t make Prince Hao wait too long.”


Su Xi-er didn’t reply, only walking straight ahead. Yet, the imperial guard couldn’t help but continue to stare at her from behind, only recovering when one of his fellows hit him on the head.


“Of all people, why are you staring at Su Xi-er!”


The imperial guard who was hit rubbed his head. “I… I couldn’t stop myself.”


“Refrain yourself in the future. Don’t you see that Prince Hao acts differently whenever something has to do with Su Xi-er?”


The imperial guard listened and nodded repeatedly. “Some people were privately saying that she is Prince Hao’s... Room Concubine Servant.”


His companion immediately covered his mouth after he spoke. “These words, let’s not say them in the future. We will find out its veracity when the time comes.”


Su Xi-er didn’t know that she had become both special and dangerous in the eyes of the imperial guards.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had already walked outside of the posthouse and immediately spotted a wide and spacious horse carriage with one glance. This was the horse carriage that Yun Ruofeng had temporarily given to Pei Qianhao for him to use in Nanzhao.


Others who had come to Nanzhao to attend the state banquet definitely did not receive such treatment.


Su Xi-er walked to the side of the horse carriage and the imperial guard who drove the carriage nodded to her. He then reported, “Prince Hao, Su Xi-er is here.”


A nasal voice could be heard. “Get on.”


On cue, the driver signalled for Su Xi-er to get on. Su Xi-er immediately pulled herself up by holding onto the frame of the carriage.


This time, Pei Qianhao didn’t drag her onto the carriage like he had before.


When Su Xi-er entered the carriage, the driver immediately got on, raised the horsewhip, and with a ‘pah’ sound, the wheels of the carriage started moving.




In the horse carriage


Pei Qianhao’s tone was icy as his glare landed on Su Xi-er. “Do you still dare to disobey this Prince’s instructions in the future?”


Su Xi-er answered truthfully. “This servant was forced.”


“Are you scared of going to the Prince Yun Residence? Who are you afraid of seeing?” Pei Qianhao asked directly and watched her closely with hawk-like eyes.


“It’s normal that this servant is scared. There are a lot of things that scare this servant; I am scared of death, scared of fire.”


“Scared of death, scared of fire… are you scared of this Prince?”


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him. “Of course I am scared.”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “If you are scared, then why do you talk back to this Prince? It would be more appropriate for you to desperately beg this Prince like everyone else.”


“Prince Hao, this servant was often flogged in the imperial palace. Begging has never gotten this servant out of punishment, so why should I continue doing it? Besides, how can this servant overturn your decision?”


Pei Qianhao’s upper body suddenly leaned forward, his slender right hand suddenly stretching out and catching Su Xi-er’s chin with lightning speed. “Glib tongue, but since you knew that this Prince’s decision was final, you shouldn’t have walked away earlier. Su Xi-er, have you ever experienced shooting yourself in the foot?”


Su Xi-er turned her head but couldn’t free herself from him. “Prince Hao, what do you want to do?”


No matter what I say, it will be wrong. He will think of other ways to deal with me.

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