Not long after the first imperial guard had left, the door of the room opened and revealed another who immediately bowed.


“Paying respects to Prince Hao.”


Su Xi-er was still puzzled by the timing of Yun Ruofeng’s message. Even if the poison from the banded krait was forced out, it would still take several days for the body to fully recover. Not only that, Yun Ruofeng had invited Pei Qianhao to the Imperial Palace only a few days ago. Now he’s inviting him to the Prince Yun Residence.


What on earth is Yun Ruofeng up to? Nanzhao’s customs dictate that a host must entertain their guests with Nanzhao’s famous premium wine, leading them in a toast no less than 3 times. For someone of Pei Qianhao’s status who has come to Nanzhao for the first time, there must have been at least 5 such toasts during the previous palace visit.


And yet, despite his poor health, Yun Ruofeng is once again inviting Pei Qianhao over right before the state banquet. How can there be no drinking at a banquet? Furthermore, Nanzhao is renowned for its fruit wine and flower wine, as well as for its many citizens with high liquor capacity. After seeing how much Pei Qianhao drank last time, I’m sure that there won’t be a small amount of alcohol this time either. 


Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er and then said, “Change your clothes and accompany this Prince to the Prince Yun Residence.”


This made it clear that he had agreed to go to the Prince Yun Residence.


“Prince Hao, this servant can’t go,” Su Xi-er directly refused. Why do I have to go to the Prince Yun Residence?


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “You’re this Prince’s maidservant, yet you dare to disobey this Prince’s instructions?” Although he was asking a question, his tone didn’t allow for any argument.


“This servant is tired from strolling around today. Prince Hao, please drink less wine when you are at the Prince Yun Residence. This servant will be in the rear kitchen.” Su Xi-er’s tone sounded respectful, but her words definitely weren’t.


Without Pei Qianhao’s permission, she walked away.


Pei Qianhao didn’t stop her or say anything; he just watched her leave.


The imperial guard was on tenterhooks. He didn’t dare to raise his head to look at Prince Hao, and only felt an aura of coldness. After a long while, he finally heard the prince speak.


“Go to the back kitchen and tell Su Xi-er that this Prince will be in the horse carriage outside of the posthouse. If she doesn’t come out, a high-quality rouge will be sent to her.”


The imperial guard continued to stare at the front door of the posthouse, not knowing what kind of rouge would be presented. If Su Xi-er doesn’t come, not only will she not be punished, she will be rewarded! What kind of logic is that?!


Pei Qianhao was clearly unhappy. “Still not going?”


The imperial guard felt the pressure and trembled as he immediately began to leave, speeding up as he went.


Su Xi-er was already in the back kitchen. I originally thought that Pei Qianhao would stop me and force me to go, no matter how I resisted. However, he has allowed me to escape.


Yesterday, Yun Ruofeng came to the posthouse when Pei Qianhao wasn’t here. Today, he has invited Pei Qianhao to the Prince Yun Residence. Yun Ruofeng’s body shouldn’t have fully recovered from the snake venom so quickly.


Su Xi-er scrunched up her slender eyebrows slightly and sat onto a wooden chair, raising her right hand to rub her forehead. No matter what, I won’t be going tonight, and neither do I want to go. Moreover, Pei Qianhao was asking me if I am acquainted with Yun Ruofeng without rhyme or reason; all the more I can’t go.


But it’s not easy to shake off Pei Qianhao. He won’t change his decisions.


Not long after Su Xi-er sat down in the kitchen, the voice of an imperial guard could be heard. “Su Xi-er, Prince Hao has instructed that he is waiting for you in the horse carriage outside the posthouse. If you don’t come, a high-quality rouge will be prepared for you.”


When she heard the words ‘high-quality rouge’, Su Xi-er’s chest tightened. He isn’t talking about an ordinary rouge, but the philtre fragrance rouge.

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