“Reporting to Your Highness, this servant didn’t buy any clothes, jewellery, rouge, or foundation.” Su Xi-er took out the remaining silvers and passed it to him.


The room suddenly became silent. Su Xi-er held the bag of money out, but Pei Qianhao gave no signs of acknowledging it.


The scene was awkward. Pei Qianhao really wanted to drag Su Xi-er out to be beaten. I am the dignified Prince Hao of Beimin. Would I lack this little bit of silver?


Suddenly, some panicked noises came from the courtyard as a flustered imperial guard came stumbling in.


“Reporting to Prince Hao, a male dog that was raised from the backyard has become crazy and is biting everyone.”


Looking at the imperial guard kneeling on the ground, the profound look in Pei Qianhao’s eyes disappeared. “You need this Prince to deal with a crazy dog that bites people?”


Under Pei Qianhao’s frigid glare, the imperial guard’s breathing became much shallower.


“The dog suddenly went crazy after coming out of Su Xi-er’s room. As a result, this subordinate thought it’d be appropriate to come and report it.” The imperial guard spoke extremely quickly, not daring to pause as he finished his sentence in a single breath.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes narrowed. This is odd. He glanced at Su Xi-er before walking out of the room.


Su Xi-er awkwardly retracted the hand holding the bag of silver and followed behind Pei Qianhao. How did it become crazy after entering my room...?


Entering the courtyard, Pei Qianhao indifferently looked at the dog that was tied to a pole and still barking indiscriminately. “Did you find out what caused it?”


“Your Highness, preliminary investigation points to a box of rouge in Su Xi-er’s room,” an imperial guard replied.


Because of a box of rouge! Su Xi-er’s expression changed a bit. Could it be that there’s a problem with that rouge?


I know that the rouge I bought was switched with Piao Xu’s rouge, but I didn’t have enough time to check what she actually bought. Su Xi-er was shocked that this incident was related to the rouge from her room.


If it turns out that there’s really a problem with the rouge, would Pei Qianhao suspect something and dig deeper?

If that’s the case, then I really can’t get out of this. Besides, I just told him that I didn’t buy any rouge or foundation.


“Because of a box of rouge? What happened exactly?” Pei Qianhao’s face darkened as he turned his gaze to Su Xi-er. Didn’t she say that she didn’t buy any rouge or foundation? This woman lied to me again.


All the guards felt as if the temperature had dropped as they saw Prince Hao’s obvious anger towards Su Xi-er. Sigh. Prince Hao is again angry because of Su Xi-er, and us subordinates are once more caught in the crossfire.


Pei Qianhao pointed to an imperial guard. “Be specific.”


The specified imperial guard immediately replied, not daring to delay. “Your Highness, the box of rouge is very different, possessing a unique smell. The dog’s sharp nose brought it to Su Xi-er’s room where it knocked the box of rouge to the ground. After accidentally getting some onto its nose, the dog became like this...”


After hearing the imperial guard’s explanation, Su Xi-er was stunned for a moment. I can roughly guess what type of rouge that is.


There aren’t many rouges with special fragrance; even less that can make a dog go crazy and start biting people. With all that said, it can only be philtre fragrance rouge!


In low concentrations, this rouge isn’t harmful, and can be used to adjust the atmosphere in the bedroom. But if used on a dog, it is hard to say what can happen. Just going crazy is still considered a small matter...


However, what I want to know now is why Ning Anlian asked Piao Xu to buy philtre fragrance. Could she be planning to use it on Yun Ruofeng?


Yun Ruofeng loves her so much, and even got her pregnant, even if none of the babies were kept. How can those two need philtre fragrance?

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