The two entered Fortune Apricot House. When the waiter saw the new owner visiting again, he immediately became respectful.


Su Xi-er said to the waiter, “Bring another pot of the tea that I drank before.”


The waiter hesitated, but quickly complied when he saw that the new owner didn’t make any objections.


Soon, a pot of tea was brought to the table.


The man in blue casually picked up a teacup and began fiddling with it, his gaze never leaving Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er lowered her voice. “I find the death of the Wei Miss’ suspicious. What do you think?”


I saw him suspiciously lurking around the day that the Wei Miss’ died. Although I did tie them up while they were still alive, their deaths have nothing to do with me.


I’m not kind enough to seek justice for them, but I really want to know why this man killed them.


Is it because the Wei Miss’ offended him? Or did they say something insulting? What could they have said?


“Miss, are you suspecting this humble one?” He drained his tea cup before continuing, not waiting for her reply.


“Miss, do you think that I am stupid? Buying the Fortune Apricot House after killing people so I can draw all the suspicion to myself? Do you think I want to dig a hole so that I can jump in?”


He’s right. Although this was also what Su Xi-er was thinking, she didn’t make any comments.


Buying the teahouse after killing the two Wei Miss’ is just asking for trouble by drawing all suspicions to himself. That said, there is a saying that the most dangerous place is also the safest.


Buying the Fortune Apricot House is tantamount to walking into his own trap, but this instead also helps clear him of suspicion.


A flicker of light flickered across Su Xi-er’s eyes. She got up to pour him another cup of tea as she remarked, “You’re a clever person.”


She didn’t explicate but she believed that this one sentence was sufficient to let him guess her intentions.


“Miss, you’re very beautiful. If you’re really afraid that you can’t get married, you can find me.” The man in blue once again finished the tea in his cup before getting up to leave without another word.


When his head turned away from Su Xi-er, the man revealed a hateful expression beneath his veil. The death of the Wei Miss’ is not a pity at all; they deserved to die. All those who continue to gossip about, slander and harm her deserve to die.


Perhaps the only one who would understand the man’s thoughts was himself.


Su Xi-er watched him as he left, only becoming more suspicious.


But it’s time for me to go back to the posthouse. After she paid the bill, she immediately headed back to the posthouse.


She had made it to her room, and was about to remove the rouge on her face when the voice of an imperial guard sounded from outside.


“Su Xi-er, Prince Hao is telling you to bring tea over.”


How does he already know that I am back? Did he ask people to monitor me the whole time?


Su Xi-er wiped the ten moles off her face and replied, “Alright, I will go over soon.”


Su Xi-er didn’t have time to think more about it, setting down the rouge that Piao Xu had dropped before heading to the back kitchen. Picking up a pot of tea, she quickly headed towards Pei Qianhao’s room.


The room door wasn’t closed, allowing Pei Qianhao to discover Su Xi-er before she even walked in.


“Where did you go today?”


Su Xi-er walked in and put the tea down on a table. “This servant was just casually strolling.”


She dared to answer me so perfunctorily... Pei Qianhao’s eyes narrowed.


“Oh? Casually strolling? So did you buy clothes, jewellery, rouge, and foundation? How much of the silvers that this Prince gave you did you spend?”

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