“How do you know? Didn’t you just say that no one was willing to buy the teahouse?”


“A relative of mine is a staff member of Fortune Apricot House. How could the information he told me be false?” The muscular man spoke proudly.


A relative told me that an important guest might buy Fortune Apricot House today.


Hearing this, Su Xi-er pondered. The man in blue has really bought the teahouse. But who would do such a thing with such timing?


Her eyes narrowed into slits. She was increasingly suspicious of the man’s involvement with the death of the Wei Miss’.


Who on earth is this guy? If he was the one who killed the Wei Miss’, what was his motive?


Could it be that he already knew that the manager and waiter of the teahouse would be used as scapegoats, allowing him to buy Fortune Apricot House at a low price?


If that’s really the case, he is a little psychotic.


Su Xi-er glanced at the man in blue before walking out of the teahouse.


“Have a safe journey, Miss. Please come again.” The waiter came over to collect the silver with a smiling face.


As Su Xi-er’s outfit wasn’t too outstanding, and she even deliberately made herself uglier with makeup, even if she walked on the streets, she would look like any other commoner.


After exiting Fortune Apricot House, Su Xi-er approached a small stall next to the teahouse and pretended to be browsing the goods.


I can see each and every person going in and out of Fortune Apricot House from here.


"Little girl…” A grey-haired old uncle with a wrinkled face called out to her.


With a smile on her face, Su Xi-er picked up a wooden hairpin. “Senior Uncle, this wooden hairpin is pretty good.”


“Considering your age, your taste is pretty good. My old wife carved this wooden hairpin out of peachwood[1]. Although it can’t be compared to those gold and silver accessories, the carvings are much more detailed.”


Su Xi-er followed the old uncle’s pointing finger and looked at the carvings where each peach blossom was in full bloom. The carving work is indeed not bad.


It’s just that, it’s not appropriate for me to wear peachwood hairpins any more.


“Senior Uncle, I didn’t bring any money out, but I’ll definitely buy it next time.” Su Xi-er smiled and placed the peachwood hairpin down.


“My wife can only make three peachwood hairpins a day, and young ladies always come to buy them all. You have to be early if you want to buy one.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I’ll remember to be early.”


The old man sighed. All women wish to be beautiful, including this ugly girl. The moles on her face... it’s probably hopeless.  


Just then, Su Xi-er happened to see the man in blue walking out of the teahouse. Waiting for him to make some distance, Su Xi-er then proceeded to follow him.


However, the man in blue suddenly stopped as though he was waiting for her.


It was not until Su Xi-er appeared before him that he turned around and said, “Miss, you’ve been following me around since earlier. Are you afraid that you can’t get married? But how is that possible? The ten moles on your face are well done.”


The man took only a glance to tell that the moles on Su Xi-er’s face were drawn on using a dark coloured rouge.


Su Xi-er smiled. “You sure have good eyes. However, you’re only half right. I’m not following you because I fancy you, but because I suspect you.


The man in blue chuckled. “What do you suspect of me?”


“Since the incident happened in Fortune Apricot House, why don’t we talk about it there? You went in to discuss the purchase of the teahouse, but didn’t appreciate any of its tea and pastries, did you?


The man’s lips quivered slightly under the veil. This girl is not simple. She said that she suspects me, yet she still invited me to tea.


I am always meticulous in what I do, so how did she find out? I want to know what she has to say about it.

1. It is known to ward off evil.

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