Ning Anlian looked at the rouge box in her hands before the blood in her face drained away. The difference in colour was enough to tell that this rouge was just an ordinary one.


“Could it be that Piao Xu bought the wrong thing?” Ning Anlian muttered to herself.


Philtre fragrance has a distinct smell and colour; Piao Xu couldn’t have bought the wrong thing. If that’s the case, then the boxes must have been mixed up somewhere along the way.


Yun Ruofeng stared as Ning Anlian as the latter held onto the rouge box in her hands, her eyes fixated on it.  

Yun Ruofeng calmly walked over and asked softly, “Anlian, are you unwell? Why are you so pale?”


Seeing that Ning Anlian had yet to come to her senses, Yun Rufeng continued to call her name several times to no avail.


Hence, Yun Ruofeng patted her shoulder.




Ning Anlian let out a cry and took a step back as though she was frightened.


Seeing her response, Yun Ruofeng asked, “What’s wrong?”


Regaining her composure, Ning Anlian forced a smile and tried to answer Yun Ruofeng’s question. “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry. Anyways, Feng, what did you ask me just now?”


Yun Ruofeng looked at Ning Anlian but made no response. 

Continuing to smile, Ning Anlian continued, “Feng, what’s the matter? Is there something on my face?”


“It’s nothing serious; I just see that you’re very pale. Let me know if you are feeling unwell.”


His voice was soft and exuded a deep sense of concern, and it worked very well on Ning Anlian.


Sure enough, Ning Anlian nodded with a smile, lowered her head, and spoke softly, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking of something…”


Although Ning Anlian had bought philtre fragrance, she didn’t want Yun Ruofeng to know of it.


Yun Ruofeng looked at her with a smile on his face. “It’s fine as long as you’re okay; otherwise, you should take a rest if you’re feeling unwell. I see that you have been staring at the rouge box though. What’s wrong with it?”  

Yun Ruofeng concealed his true feelings behind the smile on his face, and not even Ning Anlian was able to read him.


Upon hearing Yun Ruofeng questioning about the rouge box, Ning Anlian’s expression froze for a few seconds. Not wanting to answer, she came up with an excuse. “Nothing, I just felt that this rouge smells better, but lacks in terms of colour and lustre.”


I can’t let Yun Ruofeng sense that there’s something amiss. Ning Anlian then laughed a few more times. 


“Mmm, as long as you like it,” Yun Ruofeng said lightly.


Ning Anlian was relieved that Yun Ruofeng didn’t ask any more about the rouge.


Yun Ruofeng let go of Ning Anlian’s hand and walked towards the bookshelf, pulling out a book on the art of war before taking a seat at his desk and beginning to read.


Ning Anlian sat down on a nearby chair and observed him silently, feeling a little bored watching him reading a book by himself.  

I came to the Prince Yun residence today to see Yun Ruofeng; not to use the philtre fragrance on him. I can’t let him smell it while his body is still recovering.


At this moment, Ning Anlian could only think of the philtre fragrance. I clearly bought philtre fragrance rouge, so how did it turn out to be a box of ordinary dark coloured rouge?


Ning Anlian was getting a headache from trying to come up with an explanation. Laying her head down on a small table, she was out like a light before she knew it.


Not long after, Yun Ruofeng lifted his eyes from the book and saw Ning Anlian sleeping at the side.


He hesitated for a moment, but still walked up to her. Shaking her to wake her up, he said softly, “Anlian, head back to your repose palace to sleep. It’s cold here. Your body is delicate, so you should be careful of catching a cold.”


Unexpectedly, Ning Anlian didn’t argue about staying and instead replied, “Okay, I will head back to my repose palace first. Take care of your health too.”

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