“Since you are done cleaning, quickly leave.” With a fling of her sleeve, Ning Anlian coldly threw out the order.


The maidservant didn’t bother wondering who she was and muttered a “yes” with a shudder before darting out of the courtyard.


Ning Anlian gave a cold snort. What a useless thing. How can such a person be fit to clean the prince residence’s main courtyard?


Ning Anlian then quickly headed towards the study, deliberately lightening her steps as she approached the door.


Ning Anlian then placed her ear to the door and listened. She wanted to know what was he doing alone when she wasn’t around.


Not hearing anything as she listened, Ning Anlian finally ran out of patience and directly pushed the door open to enter the study. She happened to see Yun Ruofeng standing in front of a bookshelf with a book in hand as she entered.


Upon seeing Ning Anlian, Yun Ruofeng placed the book back on the shelf, a smile flashing across his handsome face. “The Nanzhao state banquet is just around the corner. Why are you not obedient? This is not the time to leave the palace.”


Ning Anlian stepped forward, standing on her tiptoes as she approached him. Her arms then wrapped around his neck, pouting as she leaned in to kiss him on the lips.


Right as she was about to make contact, he turned his head to the side and pushed her away with his right hand. “Anlian, behave and don’t make a fuss.”


"What do you mean by making a fuss? How long has it been since you kissed me? I miss you and I want to kiss you." Ning Anlian looked aggrieved. 


Yun Ruofeng glanced at her. “For so many years, your wish has been to dance at the Nanzhao state banquet. Now that it’s finally close to realisation…”


Ning Anlian interrupted, "I know about the dance, you don't have to constantly remind me. I've long made the appropriate arrangements for it."


"Are you feeling better, Feng? Does your leg still hurt?" Ning Anlian diverted the topic and hugged him once again.


Yun Ruofeng didn’t push her away and lifted his hand to pat her head. “It doesn’t hurt. It’s just that the Branded Krait isn’t an ordinary snake, requiring me to take a few days to recuperate.”


Ning Anlian fluttered her eyelashes as her expression changed. Bashfully, she rubbed her head against his chest. “How about staying in my repose palace for a few nights after your health has recovered and the state banquet is over? We haven’t done that in a long while.”


Ning Anlian blushed at her own statement. In order to liven things up, I have deliberately sought out philtre fragrance. Such fragrance is used to spice up the atmosphere, and is not an aphrodisiac. It causes no harm to the body. 


“Anlian, place your sights further ahead. This is not the time to think about that.”


The expression on Ning Anlian’s face changed. “Feng, why do I feel that you have changed? You weren’t like this before. Are you afraid that I will get pregnant? You don’t plan on marrying me at all, do you?”


An insecure woman’s thoughts were often like this. The less confident they were, the crazier their suspicions would become.


Yun Ruofeng looked at her in silence, the corners of his lips forming a smile. “I will marry you.”


“If you will marry me, why are you afraid of me getting pregnant? Moreover, can I still get pregnant in this lifetime?” Ning Anlian swung her arms agitatedly as she spoke, causing the rouge box within her sleeves to fall to the floor.


Ning Anlian was a little panicked when she saw the rouge box on the ground. Just as she was about to squat down to pick it back up, Yun Ruofeng had already bent over and picked it up.


“This rouge isn’t from the palace. You bought it outside?” Yun Ruofeng asked while he opened the rouge box.


Ning Anlian wanted to snatch it from him immediately. His body hasn’t completely recovered. I bought this to spice up the atmosphere in the future, to make him desire my body even more.


Right now though, his body is too frail. Even if the low concentration of the fragrance wouldn’t cause much harm to him, now isn’t the time.


The rouge box was opened with a clatter, allowing a trace of peach blossom fragrance to wafter into Yun Ruofeng’s nose.


He took a sniff before closing the lid of the box and handing it to Ning Anlian. “This smells good. Why have you come to like dark-coloured rouges now?”

Dark-coloured? Ning Anlian felt something was wrong as soon as she heard that. Could this be a newly released philtre fragrance? Shouldn’t it be pale pink or fiery red?

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