Ning Anlian caressed the rouge box gently, the corners of her lips raising into a smile. Carefully placing the box in her sleeves, she said, “This Princess is heading towards the Prince Yun Residence to check on his health.” She then walked out of the restaurant.


Ning Anlian didn’t ride the flashy carriage when she left the palace today, instead opting for a normal wooden one.


Piao Xu carefully helped Ning Anlian onto the carriage before walking alongside it as it drove forward steadily. Facing the carriage curtains, Piao Xu complimented, “Eldest Imperial Princess, you look really beautiful today.”


A joyful laugh came from within the carriage before it quietened down again. “Don’t call me Eldest Imperial Princess when there are so many people on the streets. Call me Young Miss instead.”  


Piao Xu responded immediately, “Young Miss, this servant has taken note of it.”


Ning Anlian sat in the carriage as she played with her fiery red nails that were freshly painted this morning. She wore a pale yellow dress, just like the first time she met him.


Feng, since you don’t have time to come see me while you are recuperating at the Prince Yun Residence, I shall come out of the palace to see you. I don’t need you to set aside time to accompany me, as long as you are free when I go looking for you.


Ning Anlian carried such emotions all the way to the Prince Yun Residence.


Piao Xu helped Ning Anlian alight the carriage. The imperial guards of the Prince Yun Residence saw Piao Xu holding the waist plaque of the Eldest Imperial Princess in her hands and immediately greeted her with a bow.  “This subordinate pays his respects to the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Ning Anlian looked at them briefly and asked, “Is Prince Yun in?”


Several guards nodded. “Prince Yun is in the backyard of the Prince Yun Residence. It’s just that he has ordered to not allow anyone to disturb him today.”


“Not allow any outsiders to disturb him. Is this Princess an outsider?” Ning Anlian’s eyes shot piercing daggers at the imperial guards as she stepped into the Prince Yun Residence.


The imperial guards looked at each other helplessly as Ning Anlian walked in, not daring to stop her.


However, Piao Xu didn’t enter. She smiled and took out a few taels of silver from her sleeves. “These are bestowed by the Eldest Imperial Princess. Use them to get some wine.”


Several guards hesitated for a moment before shaking their heads. “This subordinate is unable to accept.”


The smile on Piao Xu’s face disappeared as she stuffed the silvers into the hand of one of the imperial guards. “How can you let the Eldest Imperial Princess take back what has been bestowed? Keep it well.”


Piao Xu then followed in entering the Prince Yun Residence. However, unlike Ning Anlian, she didn’t dare to head towards Prince Yun’s location. She simply directed the imperial guard driving the carriage to pull into the stable.


Ning Anlian directly headed for the backyard of the Prince Yun Residence. She knew the spots that he liked. If he’s somewhere in the backyard, he must be in the bamboo grove.


But when Ning Anlian reached the bamboo grove, she didn’t find him there. The imperial guards said he was in the backyard, but why is he not in the bamboo grove?


Ning Anlian gave it a serious thought and finally arrived at the conclusion that he must be in the main courtyard. It’s too early for him to rest, so it’s very likely that he’s in the study located there.

He can’t be resting in the house now in broad daylight, he’s probably in the study of the main court.


With this in mind, she swiftly headed over.


Under normal circumstances, there would be no maidservants or guards in the main courtyard outside of the cleaning times in the morning, noon, and night.


Yet, there was a maidservant sweeping the courtyard now, half an hour before noon. 


The maidservant had just finished cleaning when Ning Anlian entered. This maidservant was new and had never seen Ning Anlian, but the malicious aura that surrounded the latter was enough to scare her silly.

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