“Miss, that is not spice, but a specially scented rouge. However, that type of rouge is only made for a daughter from a noble house. May I ask if you are…” The shop assistant kindly explained in a hesitant tone. Only if she announces which family she is from can she buy this kind of special rouge.


“I am not a daughter from a noble house; my family just has some money. I want to know if the special type of rouge can make me smell nice from the inside out?”


The shop assistant nodded. “Yes, the combination of different flower fragrances makes it different than a normal rouge. Unfortunately Miss, if you are not a daughter from a noble house, we can’t sell that type of rouge to you. I’m sorry.”


Su Xi-er pretended to not care. “It’s fine, we can’t afford that type anyway; I was just asking randomly. You are free to continue with your work. I’ll just be looking around to see if there is anything suitable for some sisters of mine. If I find anything suitable for them, I’ll tell them to come here and purchase it another day.”


“Alright, please have a look around. Whatever is placed in the antechamber can be bought as long as you have silvers.”


Su Xi-er replied with a soft affirmative and started looking around. She was actually using this as an excuse to wait for Piao Xu. If she stays in there for too long, there’s definitely something fishy about the rouge that she is buying.


Seeing that Piao Xu didn’t come out after a long time, Su Xi-er’s suspicions were aroused, even as her expression remained neutral.


But to avoid people in the rouge store from suspecting me, I can’t stay here anymore.


Su Xi-er stowed away her rouge and went out. She entered a private room in a restaurant and ordered some food, eating her fill before opening the rouge and dotting it onto her face.


The dark colour was similar to the colour of moles. She took a little with a finger, patted it in a circle lightly, and a mole had appeared. Su Xi-er continued until there were five dark ‘moles’ on each side of her face.


Su Xi-er closed the box in satisfaction before walking out of the restaurant. By pure coincidence, she saw Piao Xu walking over from the other side of the road.


Piao Xu was hurrying along with her head held low, and didn’t see that there was a person in front of her.


The two bumped into each other, causing two identical boxes to fall from both Su Xi-er and Piao Xu’s sleeves. Piao Xu cursed, “Are you blind?!” She then quickly picked up the small box closest to her and left in a hurry.


Su Xi-er watched Piao Xu’s retreating figure with coldness in her eyes before she bent down to pick up the remaining box.


When her hand touched the box, she knew something was not right. This box isn’t mine. Piao Xu was in a hurry and took the wrong box.


My box was just an ordinary rouge, but this box… Su Xi-er immediately put the rouge into her sleeve and started to walk out of the restaurant.


In the restaurant, a woman clad in a light yellow dress was sitting in the main seat within a first class private room, slowly swaying a wine cup in her hand.


Not long after, the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard.


The woman put down the wine cup and told the person to enter.


The door was immediately opened, revealing Piao Xu, who quickly entered and closed the door behind her.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant has brought what you wanted.” Piao Xu took out the box from her sleeve and passed it to Ning Anlian.


Ning Anlian took the box and touched the surface of the lid slowly. “You didn’t get discovered on the way right?” The corner of Ning Anlian’s mouth rose in an almost indiscernible smile when she spoke.


Piao Xu immediately shook her head. “Don’t worry, Eldest Imperial Princess, no one discovered this. This servant kept it in my sleeves the entire time.”

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon

Sangria: Hm, what is the special rouge is for? Ning Anlian is going to get a big surprise when she realises this is just an average rouge.

This servant kept it in my sleeves the entire time.

Rakumon: No you didn’t...