Pei Qianhao forced Su Xi-er close to the bedpost, his slender fingers lifting her chin up as he spoke indifferently. “Oh? Is that so? But why does this prince think that not only are you acquainted with Yun Ruofeng, but that you’ve also known him for quite a long time?”


It sounds like an absurd statement, but that is simply what I, Pei Qianhao, believe.


Su Xi-er paused for a bit, then chuckled and replied, “Prince Hao, you really know how to jest. How old is this servant? How can I run to Nanzhao and become acquainted with Prince Yun? Let alone be very familiar with him.”


Pei Qianhao released his hand and became silent, not saying a word. This was just a hunch, one that completely contradicts the current reality of the situation at that.


Su Xi-er didn’t know what Pei Qianhao was thinking, only that she could not be exposed, especially seeing as how she was still in Nanzhao and completely unarmed. What can I use to fight against Yun Ruofeng?


It doesn’t matter why Pei Qianhao is asking me this. I must act like nothing has happened and dispel his worries.


Su Xi-er looked at the coarse clothes on the bed and indifferently asked, “Prince Hao, is there anything else? If not, this servant will continue to sew the female cook’s clothes.”


Sewing the female cook’s clothes was just an excuse. She just wanted him to leave immediately. This man is too clever for me to relax with him around.


Besides, with my current position, I can’t afford to provoke Pei Qianhao.


“Has this prince ever said that you are this prince’s maidservant?”


Before she could answer, he continued, “Can this prince’s maidservant do things for another person?”


Pei Qianhao’s tone was somewhat heavy. When he heard that Prince Yun came over and looked for Su Xi-er, he felt that something was amiss.


His voice gave Su Xi-er an unexplainable feeling. Why is he always targeting me?


The female cook happened to arrive at this moment. Seeing the door ajar, she pushed the door open and entered without knocking.


Just after entering, she heard Pei Qianhao chiding Su Xi-er, and the reason seemed to be her clothes.


The female cook immediately knelt to the ground in fear, her back full of cold sweat. “Prince Hao, it’s all this commoner’s fault. You… please don’t blame Su Xi-er.”


No matter what, the clothes are mine. I can’t let Su Xi-er receive the blame.


“Stand up quickly, this has nothing to do with you.” When Su Xi-er saw this, she pushed Pei Qianhao away and walked up to help the female cook get up. The only problem was that the female cook hesitated and didn’t dare to stand up.


Su Xi-er felt helpless when she saw the female cook like that, but she still forced the latter to get up before whispering to her. “I haven’t finished sewing the clothes, but I will send them over when I’m done.”


Pei Qianhao was still in a bad mood yet Su Xi-er provoked me for a female cook. She should know that I am her master. But this behaviour of hers is actually pretty similar to how she acted in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters. 


Pei Qianhao’s face darkened severely. With his back to the female, he lambasted harshly. “Take your clothes and get lost!”


If Su Xi-er knew that she was suspected by Pei Qianhao again, she would never have helped the female cook up. After all, the latter was just an outsider.


After being chided by Pei Qianhao, the female cook’s body trembled as walked up to pick up her clothes from the ground before paying her respects and leaving.


The female cook trembled in fear as she carried the clothes out of the door and thought to herself. Prince Hao claims that Su Xi-er is his maidservant, but why didn’t it sound like that when he addressed her?


Looking at the relationship between Su Xi-er and Prince Hao, it seems that she can’t be as simple as a regular servant girl. Could she be a Room Concubine Servant, just like what they all say?


No matter what kind of relationship they have, Prince Hao is capricious and unfathomable. Su Xi-er may really lose her life serving by Prince Hao’s side if she isn’t careful.


When she thought of this, the female cook sighed.

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It sounds like an absurd statement, but that is simply what I, Pei Qianhao, believe.

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