As the imperial guard imagined the possibilities, Pei Qianhao was already standing in front of Su Xi-er’s door. Looking at the closed door, Pei Qianhao felt inexplicably annoyed.




With a loud bang, the door was kicked open by Pei Qianhao.


Su Xi-er jumped when she heard the loud sound, nearly stabbing her hand with the needle that she was using to sew.


Everything in the room was in plain sight as the door was kicked open.


Su Xi-er was currently sitting on the edge of the bed with a needle and thread in one hand, while some coarse clothes occupied the other. It wasn’t hard to see that Su Xi-er was just sewing the clothes that belonged to the female cook.


“Prince Hao, don’t you know that you need to knock before entering a woman’s room?” That being said, it seems that Pei Qianhao has never once done that...


Su Xi-er stopped sewing as she spoke. If he kicks the door in one more time, I won’t be able to stand it anymore.


Pei Qianhao stood at the entrance of the door and looked at the woman inside. Do I need to knock to enter her room? Others have begged me to do so, but I didn’t deign to give them a second thought. Yet this woman is not only displeased, she even rebuked me.


“When has this prince ever knocked before entering your room? Still not used to it? Besides, what’s your position?” He indirectly reminded Su Xi-er to not forget her status. Right now, she was just a maidservant by his side.


Putting down the things in her hands, Su Xi-er stood up and bowed. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao; this servant has never forgotten my position.”


She knows how to act with a sense of propriety. That’s very clever of her. But even though I sometimes praise her for it, I also loathe such cleverness at times.


Pei Qianhao didn’t reply to Su Xi-er, closing the door behind him and walking into the room.


“Did you stay in your room for the entire day today?” Pei Qianhao purposely asked as he looked at the sewing needles and coarse clothes on the bed.


Su Xi-er replied with an affirmative and stayed quietly by the side without saying anything else.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes froze and looked at Su Xi-er’s composed expression. This woman grows more daring by the day.


“You didn’t see Prince Yun?”


It was impossible to hide this from Pei Qianhao, so Su Xi-er answered truthfully. “I did. Prince Yun came to the backyard by himself.”


She didn’t lie and directly admitted it! At least she’s still honest! Pei Qianhao’s found his anger subside a little.


Looking at Su Xi-er with raised eyebrows, Pei Qianhao asked again. “Are you acquainted with Yun Ruofeng?”


Right afterwards, even he felt that the question was ridiculous. Su Xi-er entered Beimin’s imperial palace from a young age and served as a maidservant in the Palace Side Quarters; how can she be acquainted with Yun Ruofeng?


However, even though it was ridiculous, he still couldn’t help but ask.


Su Xi-er’s heart trembled. Could it be that Pei Qianhao has noticed something?


I don’t believe that he could have seen through my act, so Pei Qianhao must be just asking at random.


With that, Su Xi-er’s heartbeat returned to normal. Both my identity and appearance have completely changed; no one will recognise ‘me’.


“Prince Hao, you worry too much. I entered the palace from a very young age, so how could I have travelled so far to Nanzhao to meet some Prince Yun?” Su Xi-er’s lashes flickered slightly, looking enticing.

As I expected, she’s giving me this kind of answer. Pei Qianhao was not surprised, but his face darkened as he approached Su Xi-er step by step. Grudgingly, Su Xi-er was forced to step backwards.

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