“No. There were no signs that the pigeon had been captured by someone, nor was the letter opened.”


Pigeon messages from Beimin were marked with special signs, allowing for a tampered letter to be easily identified.


Pei Qianhao nodded and silently lit the note on fire with a nearby candle. He trusted Wu Ling enough to resolve any sort of small issues on his own.


If he can’t even solve small problems, then what use is he? Of course, any problem that is preventing him from leaving is naturally not a small problem.


“Did Su Xi-er go out today?” Prince Hao patted the ashes from his hand, wiped it off with a handkerchief, and sat back down.


When the imperial guard heard this, his whole body suddenly trembled as he immediately replied, “Reporting to Prince Hao, apart from going to the dining hall to eat, Su Xi-er did not leave her room.”


Didn’t go out? Pei Qianhao nodded when he heard the answer. She’s surprisingly obedient today.


“But there is one thing that this subordinate does not know if I should mention.”


The imperial guard glanced at Pei Qianhao; he wanted to mention that Yun Ruofeng had visited the posthouse earlier.


“Say it.” Pei Qianhao sipped his tea and signalled for him to talk.


The imperial guard retracted his gaze. “Prince Yun came to the posthouse today and sat for a little while in the hall. He later left with Nanzhao’s Imperial Princess, who came looking for him in a horse carriage.”


The imperial guard didn’t mention that Yun Ruofeng saw Su Xi-er, not because he wanted to hide this on purpose, but because he was scared that Pei Qianhao wouldn’t be happy. As subordinates, don’t we need to share his worries and burdens?!


Pei Qianhao put down his teacup quietly, but his gaze was cold. Just sat for a little while? He came all the way here just to sit for a little while?


I went to Nanzhao’s army barracks nominally to practice my bow and arrow; but with someone like Yun Ruofeng, he can discern my true intentions with a single glance. However, instead of worrying about Nanzhao’s military secrets being leaked, he came to the posthouse!


Did he purposely visit the posthouse when I wasn’t around? Then how could he have only stayed in the hall and sat for a little while?


“Are you sure Prince Yun only stayed in the hall of the posthouse for a little while? Did he go to other parts of the building? Instead of worrying about this prince discovering the military force of his army, he came to have a little stay in the posthouse? Haha, this Prince Yun is rather interesting.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze was becoming colder and colder, his body emanating a chilly aura that made even the imperial guard tremble in fear.


The imperial guard had originally wanted to conceal the fact that Yun Ruofeng saw Su Xi-er, but no longer had any choice but to tell the truth. Otherwise, he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be living!


At this moment, he felt that his mouth deserved a spanking. Why did I have to mention what shouldn’t be mentioned? Why did I take the initiative and say that Prince Yun visited? Now I must lay in the hole that I dug!


“Reporting to Prince Hao, Prince Yun came to the posthouse to sit for a little while, but he also met Su Xi-er. They exchanged a few sentences before Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess arrived, but I don’t know what they said to each other...”


The imperial guard could no longer bear the pressure from Pei Qianhao and blurted everything out.


The air inside the room congealed. The imperial guard held his breath in fear; he could clearly sense the temperature getting lower to the point he was going to freeze.


The guard was a little better after a few breaths, but after he raised his head, the hall was empty.


Pei Qianhao was no longer in the hall, but his oppressive aura still hadn’t fully dissipated.


Looking at the empty hall, the dazed imperial guard stood there by himself.


Prince Hao’s movement was too fast. Did he go to Su Xi-er? When the imperial guard thought about how Su Xi-er’s hands were tied together by Prince Hao as she was almost dragged forward behind the horse carriage, he felt that Su Xi-er’s punishment would certainly be worse this time!


But Prince Hao cares so much about Su Xi-er… Is it because Su Xi-er is not an average maidservant? Could it be that she is his Room Concubine Servant like what others have said?

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But Prince Hao cares so much about Su Xi-er… Is it because Su Xi-er is not an average maidservant? Could it be that she is his Room Concubine Servant like what others have said?

Rakumon: I think you're making the wrong conclusion XD