The capital’s archery range was the largest in Nanzhao. Cheers erupted through the air as Wei Guang arrived, making it a majestic sight to behold.


“Didn’t you see the sign at the side? Leave quickly!”


Two soldiers were impatiently blocking Wei Guang with their weapons outside the archery range. They pointed at the sign which stated ‘kill all trespassers with no mercy’.


If it weren’t for the fact that Wei Guang was an old man, they would have immediately attacked.


Wei Guang had anxiously headed into the archery range as soon as he had alighted the carriage, failing to even spot the soldiers guarding the entrance.


With the soldier’s reminder, Wei Guang turned his head to glance at the sign, but didn’t turn back. Instead, he stuffed a bag of silvers into one of the soldiers’ hands, smiling as he asked, “Army Sirs, I came to look for someone. May I ask if Commander Wei, Wei Mohai, is around?”


Although he was anxious, he knew that the archery range had stringent rules. I definitely wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences if I insist on barging in.


Under such circumstances, I have to employ soft tactics. After all, there’s no one in this world who would reject silvers.


As expected, the person who received the silvers contemplated for a moment before silently accepting. Only then did he treat Wei Guang seriously. “Commander Wei isn’t here. He left the archery range early in the morning.”


Wei Mohai isn’t in the archery range! Wei Guang’s eyelids involuntarily twitched.


“Army Sirs, do you know where Commander Wei has gone?”

This question was destined to have no answer. Did a superior have to report to his subordinates about his whereabouts?


Realising what he had asked, Wei Guang returned to his senses. He apologised with a smile, understanding how silly his question had been.


“Army Sirs, I am Commander Wei’s relative, and I have some matters that need his attention. Could you let me enter?”


“Even if you are his relative, Commander Wei isn’t around now, so we can’t let you go in!” The soldier firmly refused Wei Guang.


Answering Wei Guang’s questions wasn’t against military rules, and he could even obtain silvers! Why wouldn’t the soldier reply to Wei Guang?

However, privately letting someone in would constitute a violation of military rules, and was a huge crime punishable by decapitation. Money is important, but life is even more so. They could still make a clear distinction.


Wei Guang wasn’t discouraged, trying to persuade the soldier a few more times, but ultimately failing. Just as he was feeling disheartened and prepared to leave, an inexplicable aura assailed him from behind.


Wei Guang couldn’t bear the pressure and actually plopped to the ground.


In that instant, he saw the hem of a luxurious silver robe. One glance was sufficient to tell that it was a personage he couldn’t afford to offend. Furthermore, his aura was frightening enough to force Wei Guang to lower his head.


“Paying respects to Prince Hao.” The soldiers hurriedly bowed.


Wei Guang’s heart trembled as the voices streamed into his ears. So he is Prince Hao of Beimin!


Just his aura is already so powerful. He indeed lives up to his reputation.


Pei Qianhao appeared to be entering the archery range to practise his archery skills, but he was actually planning to observe the strength of Nanzhao’s troops.


As Pei Qianhao passed by Wei Guang, he also greeted, “Paying respects to Prince Hao.” Pei Qianhao only gave Wei Guang a cursory glance before nodding his head and walking forward.


After Pei Qianhao had taken a few steps forward, he heard Wei Guang’s voice.


“I only have two daughters, but they were mysteriously killed for no reason. This matter is definitely not that simple. I have also interacted with Fortune Apricot House’s manager before, and he was a simple and straightforward person. How could he have killed my daughters for money?” 

Wei Guang stood up, muttering to himself. Although his voice was very soft, he believed that Pei Qianhao could definitely hear him.


Wei Guang was also putting all his eggs in a single basket. Prince Hao surely has a significant amount of influence. Perhaps he will help me after he hears my predicament?


His hopes were quickly dashed as he watched Pei Qianhao walk straight into the archery range, seemingly having not heard anything.


Do I, Pei Qianhao, look like a busybody? Furthermore… However, Wei Guang has surprisingly meticulous thoughts for someone who looks like an ordinary landlord.

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After all, there’s no one in this world who would reject silvers.

Lunarlark: Honestly, for the amount of training these soliders are supposed to have, bribes work way too often lol...