Ning Rulan had always been the one presenting a dance at the past state banquets. This year however, it was Ning Anlian’s turn to do so as the Eldest Imperial Princess.


That said, her new status had reduced the amount of time she spent with Yun Ruofeng. She found herself having more trouble understanding Yun Ruofeng; or perhaps she had never understood him in the first place.


Ning Anlian embraced Yun Ruofeng tightly, as if he would disappear in the next moment.


It appeared to be an intimate and warm scene, but each of them harboured their own intentions.


Ning Anlian was feeling dejected inside, but chose not to voice it out. She knew that she would only drift further and further away if she said it out loud.


It also looked like Yun Ruofeng hadn’t sensed anything. He remained elegant and placid, the expression on his face, having never changed once since Ning Anlian had arrived.




Meanwhile, the case of the Wei Family Miss’ had led to an uproar in the capital.


The explanation provided by the local authorities was: Fortune Apricot House’s manager coveted silvers and colluded with a waiter to murder the two Wei Miss’.


But would the manager of the number one teahouse conspire with a waiter to kill the Wei Miss’ over a small amount of money?


Even the commoners knew that there was something fishy about it, and began to fervently discuss. However, the local authorities harshly stopped them. No one ever dared to openly bring up the matter again, particularly after two people were punished.


The local authorities took a hard-line stance, claiming that the Wei Miss’ carried something extremely valuable on them. According to them, the manager of Fortune Apricot House was a money-grubber who couldn’t resist the temptation, prompting him to brutally murder the Wei Miss’. 


It was this explanation that was accepted by the masses. Just plain material wealth wouldn’t be enough to move the manager; an item of immense value however, it could have caught his eye.


However, there would inevitably be those who refused to accept this explanation. For example, the father of the Wei Miss’, Landlord Wei, Wei Guang.


Panic and fear spread throughout the Wei Residence. 


Crash! It was the sound of porcelain shattering again.


The servant girl at the entrance came in to tidy the mess up, trembling as if she was afraid that she would provoke him.


“How could it be possible?! Fortune Apricot House’s manager being culpable?! Do they really treat me, Wei Guang, as someone easy to bully?!” A lanky and caustic old man loudly lambasted, clearly revealing his current mood. 


This person was precisely Wei Guang, whose age had passed 100. In his old age, his daughters had become his most precious possessions. Despite this, they had both suddenly been killed for no reason! How could his heart not ache? 


Finding out that the local authorities had pushed all responsibility to the deceased manager and waiter was really infuriating for him.


He was indignant about it. Being very clear on the type of person the manager was, Wei Guang was sure that the former wouldn’t kill at the mere sight of riches. Nonetheless, Wei Guang was helpless despite knowing that the manager was simply a scapegoat. Have my daughters simply died in vain?


Wei Guang thought of Wei Mohai in his moment of distress. How could I have forgotten about him? 


“Someone, come and prepare the horse carriage for a trip to the capital’s archery range!”


Wei Guang then left the room, allowing the servant girl in the room to heave a sigh of relief. Quite a few servant girls had already died from a plank beating in the past few days, and she was not keen on joining them.


The reason Wei Guang had thought of Wei Mohai was naturally because the latter was still a relative, albeit a distant one.


Of course, this wasn’t the only reason he had for seeking out Wei Mohai. The most important factor was that Wei Mohai was Prince Yun’s right-hand man.


As long as Wei Mohai is willing to lend a hand, I will definitely be able to find out the truth! At the thought of this, Wei Guang couldn’t wait anymore, urging the servants to act faster.



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