He is already like this, yet he’s still thinking about comforting me. It looks like I was thinking too much. Yun Ruofeng does care about me. Ning Anlian was inexplicably relieved.


With tears in her eyes, Ning Anlian looked at Yun Ruofeng with a distressed face, stepping forward to take the medicinal powder from the Imperial Physician’s hand.


The Imperial Physician understood. He reminded Prince Yun to take care of himself before leaving.


Yun Ruofeng stared directly at Ning Anlian with agaze so gentle and soft that it would make anyone involuntarily fall head over heels for him.


“Why didn’t you tell me that you were poisoned by the banded krait? Why did you take on all the suffering by yourself? Who is the mysterious man?” Ning Anlian didn’t lose all her senses completely, still remembering her objective as she applied medicine on Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng was unruffled as he smiled at her warmly, raising his hand to caress Ning Anlian’s long and silky hair. “I’m fine. All of the snake venom has been forced out, so there’s no need to be so worried.”


He knew who the mysterious man was, but just didn’t want to tell.


He was obviously changing the topic of the conversation; even a fool could tell, and Ning Anlian wasn’t one. 


Ning Anlian’s hand trembled slightly before returning to normal. As long as Yun Ruofeng is still mine, nothing else matters.


Although this was what she thought, she still felt uncomfortable. Why did he change the topic? I am his future Princess Consort; he should tell me everything.


But for now, I don’t want to fuss over this.


“Mmm, don’t hide things from me in the future.” Ning Anlian nodded, appearing as if nothing had happened. She then stowed away the medicine and placed it onto the table next to her.


Although Yun Ruofeng’s complexions was still a bit pale, he at least didn’t look as if he was in pain anymore. Staring at the wound on his foot, his expression became pensive.


“Feng, what’s wrong? Is it still hurting? Should I ask the Imperial Physician to come for another visit?” After Ning Anlian put away the medicine, she turned around, only to see Yun Ruofeng looking at his foot.


Piao Xu tactfully took the cloth bandage that was used to wrap the wound and carried it out before closing the door behind her.


“It doesn’t hurt anymore. I just remembered some things.”


“Oh? What did you remember that made you so lost in thought?” Ning Anlian brows were furrowed. 


I am the one in front of him, but is he thinking of others?


Yun Ruofeng acted like he didn’t notice the changes on Ning Anlian’s face, getting up to hug her before being pressed down onto the couch-bed by Ning Anlian.


“Your leg hasn’t recovered yet. Don’t move randomly.”


Is he making me worry about him on purpose? Ning Anlian wanted to see something on his visage, but apart from the constant smile, there was nothing.


Yun Ruofeng reassured her, “It’s not a big deal anymore. It doesn’t interfere with anything, so you don’t have to worry.”


With a pause, Yun Ruofeng continued. “Anlian, you should practice dancing over this period of time. Nanzhao’s state banquet will be starting in ten days.”


Nanzhao’s state banquet was especially important to the two people. To Ning Anlian, the main character of Nanzhao’s state banquet would no longer be Ning Rulan from this year on!


Ning Anlian pouted. “Don’t worry, I know how important it is. It’s just that your body…”


Yun Ruofeng is Nanzhao’s Prince Regent, but he is currently wounded. I am worried that he won’t be able to show up at Nanzhao’s state banquet.


However, Yun Ruofeng’s next sentence dispelled Ning Anlian’s worries. “I will take care of my body and recover. In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to your dance as you will be the main character at the state banquet this time.”

Yes, the main character is now me, not Ning Rulan! Ning Anlian’s heart was full of happiness as she embraced Yun Ruofeng immediately, her lips meeting his.

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He is obviously changing the topic of the conversation, even a fool can tell. Besides, I am not a fool.

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