Ning Anlian’s face changed when she heard what Piao Xu said. She then turned around and hurried towards the Imperial Physician Institute.


Yun Ruofeng didn’t even tell someone to inform me that he got injured! Is he treating me like this Eldest Imperial Princess doesn’t exist?


Frantic, Ning Anlian soon reached the Imperial Physician Institute.


The imperial guards at the entrance of the Imperial Physician Institute saw Ning Anlian and stepped forward to prevent her from entering. “Eldest Imperial Princess, Prince Yun has instructed us to not let other people disturb him.”


“Are you blind? Is the Eldest Imperial Princess ‘other people’?!” Piao Xu was the first to berate the guards.


Ning Anlian wasn’t happy to hear that. If I am considered ‘other people,’ then who can be considered one of his own? The dead Ning Rulan?


The air surrounding them suddenly congealed. The guards could tell from Ning Anlian’s expression that the Eldest Imperial Princess was angry.


But even though the Eldest Imperial Princess was powerful, Prince Yun held the final say. The imperial guards looked at Ning Anlian and weren’t sure how they should respond. “Eldest Imperial Princess, please don’t make things difficult for us servants. We are just obeying Prince Yun’s orders.”


How clever of him. Just by claiming that they are working under the orders of Prince Yun, I am no longer able to force their hand.




Just when Ning Anlian wanted to chide the guard, Yun Ruofeng’s warm and gentle voice sounded from inside the tightly shut room. 


When the imperial guards heard the Yun Ruofeng’s voice, they felt like they had been saved. We really don’t want to disobey the Eldest Imperial Princess. If she really wanted to force her way in, we wouldn’t be able to do anything.


The group of guards knew what to do, paying their respects to Ning Anlian and stepping to either side of the door.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, please enter.” At this moment, a perceptive little guard stepped forward and smiled apologetically at Ning Anlian, behaving out of the norm.


If I want to be recognised, then I need to push my luck. These were the thoughts the little imperial guard harboured.


But Ning Anlian wasn’t in the mood to listen to him talk; her head was filled with Yun Ruofeng.


From Yun Ruofeng’s voice, it’s not hard to tell that he is suffering unimaginable pain. His voice was airy, but still maintained its usual feeling of warmth.


Is he in a lot of pain? Did he not tell me because he didn’t want me to worry? Am I thinking too much?


Ning Anlian’s heart was conflicted. No matter what I think, it doesn’t change the fact that I love Yun Ruofeng deeply.


At the very least, I am the victor in the end. Yun Ruofeng is mine now, only mine! That bitch Ning Rulan is long gone! 


Ning Anlian glanced at the guards on both sides of the door, and stepped into the Imperial Physician Institute with Piao Xu following closely behind.


On the other hand, having received the cold shoulder from Ning Anlian, the little imperial guard could only stand there awkwardly.


Right after walking in, the scent of herbal medicine made Ning Anlian knit her brows subconsciously.


At this moment, Yun Ruofeng’s countenance was ashen as he sat on a Chinese couch-bed [1]. Large drops of sweat rolled down his forehead, as the imperial physician applied medicine on him. It wasn’t difficult to see that he was in a lot of pain.


When Ning Anlian saw this, she felt as if her heart was being stabbed.  No matter what, this is the man that I am deeply in love with. All of her anger and doubts from before suddenly disappeared without a trace.


“I’m fine. It’s just a small wound.” Yun Ruofeng’s smile was like a spring breeze when he noticed her gaze, but it wasn’t hard to see that he was enduring the pain.


The smile melted Ning Anlian’s heart, but she didn’t see that it was a fake smile. “How is this a small wound? You didn’t tell me anything, I…”

1. It’s a long, narrow and low bed that can be used to lie down and rest 


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