"The two Wei Miss' were murdered right after associating with this woman." Ning Anlian slowly pointed out, the corners of her lips curling into a smile.


"Have you found the background and current residence of this woman?"


Piao Xu shook her head. "It's like she suddenly disappeared without a trace. The case of the two Wei Miss' has also been concluded. Fortune Apricot House's manager and one of the waiters conspired to kill them."


"How is that possible?" Ning Anlian snorted. "It’s obvious at a glance that they were just scapegoats. They can fool others, but not this princess. Isn't the Wei Family a distant relative of Wei Mohai?"


"They are indeed the relatives of Commander Wei, but he didn't intervene in this matter," Piao Xu answered factually. She was naturally very meticulous. Moreover, the Eldest Imperial Princess was very concerned about this matter, prompting Piao Xu to investigate thoroughly.


"Who on earth could have killed the Wei Miss’? Could it be have been that woman? Since they’re relatives, it isn't good for Wei Mohai to remain silent in this matter." Ning Anlian made a ‘tch’ and ordered, "Deliver this princess' verbal edict. Wei Mohai is to enter the palace."


"This servant obeys the command." Piao Xu bowed as she withdrew, bringing Ning Anlian's verbal edict with her.  


Ning Anlian lifted her hand and gently massaged her temples. This woman is comparable to Ning Rulan in terms of beauty, not to mention she is inexplicably linked to the death of the two Wei Miss'.


She was very curious. Who exactly is this woman?


It was extremely quiet in the repose palace. None of the palace maids dared to enter the main hall, and swept the courtyard carefully. This was the repose palace that Ning Rulan used to live in.


Before Ning Anlian moved in, she had removed all the decorations in the chamber and hired craftsmen to renovate the halls to her liking. The palace maids who were previously on duty were also transferred out, and a new batch was brought in.


Piao Xu entered the chambers after some time. "Your Highness, Commander Wei is not in the imperial palace. Prince Yun had sent him out to run some errands. This servant has also acquired two pieces of information, but isn’t sure if I should say them or not."


"Speak." Ning Anlian's face grew stern, and involuntarily projected her voice.


Piao Xu faltered. If I say it, the Eldest Imperial Princess would definitely fly into a rage. But if I were to hide it from her, she would still eventually find out.


"Quickly say it." Ning Anlian was getting impatient and urged Piao Xu.


"Prince Yun was ambushed by a mysterious person when he was on his way to welcome Prince Hao of Beimin. He was then bitten by the venomous banded krait as his carriage strayed into the undergrowth."


Ning Anlian tensed up immediately and slammed her palm on the table. "What? Banded krait venom? He actually hid it from this princess!"


Ning Anlian could no longer sit still. She was worried about his health, and immediately got up to leave the repose palace.  


Piao Xu followed her and continued, "Eldest Imperial Princess, Prince Hao of Beimin had already left for the archery range in the wee hours of the morning without bringing any of his guards."


Ning Anlian footsteps stopped in an instant, her breath bated. Prince Hao has gone to the archery range. Yun Ruofeng definitely knows of this, so why did he still head towards the posthouse?


Only the imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence and the female cook are at the posthouse. What did Yun Ruofeng go there for? To see the guards? Impossible!


Could there be someone else in the posthouse other than the guards and the female cook? Who exactly did he go to meet?


Her heart beating like a drum, Ning Anlian once again felt a vague uneasiness sweep over her.


I must go and see Yun Ruofeng immediately and question him properly. Why didn't he tell me he was poisoned? Why did he go to the posthouse?


Ning Anlian picked up her pace and left her repose palace.


Piao Xu hurried after her and informed, "Your Highness, Prince Yun is at the Imperial Physician Institute."

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