Upon seeing Yun Ruofeng’s carriage approaching Nanzhao’s imperial palace, the imperial guards didn’t dare to tarry and quickly opened the palace gates. Yun Ruofeng didn't send Ning Anlian all the way into her imperial chambers, choosing to alight when they were halfway there.


Ning Anlian lifted the carriage curtains and watched as Yun Ruofeng walked into the distance. Has he become so busy after becoming Prince Regent that he can’t even speak a word as he leaves?


He was also busy when Nanzhao was embroiled in a war, but he would still go running to Ning Rulan every other day to discuss stratagems. Clearly, I should be the woman that he loves the most right now.


Ning Anlian could feel her heart seized with pain when she thought of this. She suddenly recalled the day when she found out that she was pregnant with their first child. 


She had quickly run off to find him, wanting to ask him if they should keep the child, but when she finally did, he was in the woods with Ning Rulan. He had pressed Ning Rulan against the tree trunk, and kissed her fiercely as if no one was watching.


Watching them make out blissfully filled her with despair. After they had separated, she had sneaked into Yun Ruofeng's tent, but was met with two words in return ー “Abort it”. He had spoken those words so simply, and with the same smile that he always wore, reassuring her that they could still have one in the future, and that it wasn’t the right time yet.


The corners of Ning Anlian's lips raised into a bitter smile. I plotted for so long to kill Ning Rulan just so that Yun Ruofeng could marry me! But now, let alone marrying me, he can’t even bear to kiss me when I begged him to.


Why do the Heavens treat me this way? Ning Anlian smiled miserably in the carriage.


"Eldest Imperial Princess, the imperial harem is right ahead. You must take the palanquin from here." The carriage had stopped, leaving the carriage driver to speak deferentially.


Wiping her tears and erasing the dismal expression on her face, Ning Anlian softly replied with an affirmative before alighting from the horse carriage.


A red palanquin approached slowly. A eunuch approached with his hand overlapping and squatted down. "Eldest Imperial Princess, please board the palanquin."


Ning Anlian stepped on the folded hands of the eunuch and boarded the palanquin with the help of the palace maids.


As the palanquin was huge, when the pink curtains fluttered shut, Ning Anlian could lay down on her side before propping her head up with a hand. 


This enormous palanquin used to belong exclusively to Ning Rulan, but now it belongs to me, Ning Anlian. Even Yun Ruofeng, someone who the prideful and aloof Ning Rulan fell for, is now mine.


At this thought, Ning Anlian smirked. It was as Yun Ruofeng had said, she was the victor. I had always trampled Ning Rulan beneath my feet. 


I am the fairest woman with the highest position in Nanzhao. I will also legally become Yun Ruofeng’s woman in a grand fashion in the future.


Ning Anlian's emotions gradually stabilised at these thoughts.


In the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace, the head palace maid, Piao Xu, immediately came forward when she saw the fiery red palanquin. Bowing down in respect, she then greeted Ning Anlian as she stretched out her arm to help Ning Anlian alight the palanquin. "This servant pays her respects to the Eldest Imperial Princess." 


Ning Anlian nodded subtly and walked towards the main hall of her repose palace, Piao Xu immediately following after her.


"Your Highness, this servant has brewed some flower tea. Do you want to drink some?"


Ning Anlian waved her hand to dismiss the rest of the maidservants, leaving only Piao Xu behind. "Have you inquired what this princess asked you to?"


Piao Xu nodded and closed the distance between her and Ning Anlian before speaking softly. "A woman with a stunning appearance had indeed shown up on the streets of Nanzhao. The rumours amongst the people are indeed true. At that time, this woman had stopped the Wei Miss' from quarrelling. But now, the Wei Miss' are dead."

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Rakumon's Thoughts

He had spoken those words so simply, and with the same smile that he always wore, reassuring her that they could still have one in the future, and that it wasn’t the right time yet.

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