Ning Anlian started whimpering all of a sudden, her tears slowly trickling down her face. "Feng[1], ever since you became the Prince Regent, I feel that you no longer care about me. You no longer treat me with the same importance as you did before. I wish for you to be by my side every night, yet I always find myself alone in bed at night, unable to fall asleep. You clearly said that you would marry me once the state affairs stabilise, but I have waited for so long…"


Yun Ruofeng reached his hand out and pulled Ning Anlian into his embrace, gently patting her on the shoulder. "It’s my fault that you are overthinking things. Anlian, state affairs are not yet stabilised. I will marry you when things have settled down." He then lowered his head and planted a kiss on her forehead.  


Ning Anlian buried her head into Yun Ruofeng’s chest and took a deep breath. "Feng, I am so afraid that you won’t marry me."


"That won’t happen." Yun Ruofeng gently stroke her long hair, but the expression in his eyes became distant.


"Could the heavens be punishing me? Why am I always unable to keep our child? If what the imperial physician said is really true, and that it would be hard for me to conceive in the future, will you marry another woman to bear your children?" Ning Anlian got increasingly afraid, and her body began to tremble.


Her fears were justified. Nanzhao men attached great importance to their offspring. Moreover, with Yun Ruofeng’s current status, how could he not want children? It was just that, on the night of Ning Rulan’s death, Ning Anlian had miscarried in the prison cells. The imperial physician had explained that she had been too agitated, and that the foetus had not been able to take it.


Yun Ruofeng made no response and only gently smoothed her back as he ordered the carriage driver outside. "Return to the palace."


The imperial guard obeyed the order and immediately raised his horsewhip, driving the carriage towards Nanzhao’s imperial palace.


The lack of response from Yun Ruofeng made Ning Anlian even more anxious. She raised her head and looked at him. "Is your heart still thinking about Ning Rulan? Are you regretting that you killed her? Are you…"


"There shouldn’t be so many questions. Anlian, she’s dead. There’s no one else in this world to compete with you anymore. You are the fairest woman in Nanzhao, and hold the highest position as well." A glint of a smile appeared at the corner of his eye as Yun Ruofeng used his hand to comb the loose strands of hair by her cheeks.


"The fairest? Why have I heard that a peerless beauty has entered Nanzhao? People are saying that her beauty is on par with Ning Rulan, and is much more beautiful than me." A hint of hatred flashed in Ning Anlian’s eyes. Ning Rulan is already dead. How can they still compare me with Ning Rulan! They even went as far as to say that Ning Rulan was many times more beautiful than I am!


"Anlian, you are unable to let go of the ill feelings in your heart. Why are you always concerned over others’ opinions? Why are you always comparing yourself with Ning Rulan?"


Ning Anlian furrowed her brows, "I can’t believe you actually asked me why! Would I have entertained such foolish thoughts if you had spent more time with me? Why did you leave so early last night? You said I slept well, but did you know that I helplessly watched you leave? And you… You didn’t even realise."


"Anlian, your mind is too preoccupied with many things. You need to cultivate your mind properly. The Yun Family’s lineage is all on you." Yun Ruofeng wore a smile on his face, his voice clear and sonorous.


Many women indulged in his warmness, but Ning Anlian had a love-hate relationship with it. It was like he had no other emotions besides tenderness.


No matter how wilful she was, he remained smiling, as though he would not feel anger or sadness.


Ning Anlian was not resigned to it. She was afraid of losing him. Although she and Yun Ruofeng were so close to each other, she could feel them gradually drifting apart.


"Feng, kiss me. Kiss me hard, won’t you?" Ning Anlian begged. He hadn’t kissed her passionately for a long while.


"We are about to reach the palace gates. In the eyes of outsiders, you are the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao." Yun Ruofeng pressed her back onto his chest, indirectly turning down her request.

1. Addressing Yun Ruofeng in an affectionate manner

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