Su Xi-er looked on as Yun Ruofeng walked into the distance. Still putting on a façade. Ning Anlian is waiting for you in the carriage, and yet here you are, telling another woman, "This prince will come again next time." For what purpose are you coming? To see me again?


If he kills me, those two lovers can finally be together. But if Yun Ruofeng doesn’t marry Ning Anlian, what will become of their child in her belly? Is he waiting for her belly to swell up before she becomes a laughingstock? Or could it be that the child was miscarried? Even without me as an obstacle, Ning Anlian was still unable to keep her child?


What a joke!


"Su Xi-er, what’s wrong?" The imperial guard saw the weird look in her eyes. Why does she continue to watch the direction that Prince Yun left in? Was she attracted by Prince Yun’s gentleness and warm smile?


"Nothing. I was just curious as to why the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao can leave the imperial palace at whim. Shouldn’t she stay in the imperial palace?"


The imperial guard shrugged. So this is what Su Xi-er is curious about. "Without any Empress Dowager or Consort Dowagers to look after the few members of Nanzhao’s imperial family, who would dare stop the Eldest Imperial Princess from leaving the imperial palace as she pleases? Besides, look at Prince Yun. He wasn’t surprised at all to hear that the Eldest Imperial Princess had come to look for him. Perhaps Prince Yun is already used to the Eldest Imperial Princess frequently leaving the palace to search for him."


Su Xi-er nodded, faking a look of enlightenment. "I see, so that’s how it is. Go on with your duties, I am heading in." With that, she hastened her steps and headed towards her room.




A bright red carriage waited outside the entrance of the posthouse. The carriage looked extremely extravagant with red tassels lining the roof, while the curtains were inlaid with pearls and decorative ornaments.


The imperial guard driving the carriage immediately bowed in greeting upon seeing Prince Yun, "This subordinate pays his respects to Prince Yun."


Yun Ruofeng waved his hand, signalling for him to rise before lifting the carriage curtains and entering.


A woman donned in bright red robes was seated in the carriage. She wore a jade green dangling ornament[1] on her head, and a pair of crystal clear earrings hung from her ears.


The woman’s milky white skin was flushed with a tinge of pink. With her tantalising red lips, she spoke. "Didn’t you agree to accompany for the whole night? You were gone so early this morning. When did you leave?” With a blushing face, the woman slid out her fair arms from under her sleeves and held onto Yun Ruofeng’s hand, gently swaying it in an adorable fashion.


"I have things to attend to and couldn’t accompany you for the whole night, but I did stay long enough to see that you slept well." Yun Ruofeng replied as he lifted his hand to caress her long silky hair.


"Does the dangling ornament in my hair look nice?" The woman asked as she leaned her soft body on Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng looked at the dangling ornament, the look in his eyes changing slightly. He then lifted his right hand before gently stroking it. "Anlian, this dangling ornament…"


Ning Anlian got upset before Yun Ruofeng even completed his sentence, pushing him away with her arms. "Do you find this dangling ornament familiar? An emerald green dangling jade ornament. Ning Rulan liked this kind of dangling ornament the most."


Although his tone became stern, Yun Ruofeng kept his gentle demeanour. "Why are you bringing her up? You don’t like dangling ornaments, so why are you purposely wearing it today?"


"Who said that I don’t like them? I like them a lot. It’s just that when Ning Rulan was alive, she didn’t like other women wearing the same hair accessory. Now that she’s no longer around, whatever she likes, I want…"


"Enough, she’s already dead. Her name need not be mentioned again. Anlian, what’s wrong with you? If you are not in a good mood, then go…"

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