This look gave him the same air as when she had first met him. The only difference was that the materials his clothes were made of had been much cheaper in the past as he had just been a nondescript low-ranked soldier. Now however, although his clothes weren’t gaudy, the material was luxurious and of premium quality. 


"How unexpected to be able to see you today." Yun Ruofeng was all smiles as he stopped about a meter in front of her.


Su Xi-er bowed in deference. "This servant pays her respects to Prince Yun."


"You’re not a citizen of Nanzhao, and this prince isn’t Prince Hao. You can dispense with the formalities in front of this prince."


"This servant dares not. Prince Yun, please do not make things difficult for this servant."


"Do you live each day in fear as you wait on Prince Hao?" Yun Ruofeng asked with a smile.


Despite having uttered only two sentences, every one of them was related to Pei Qianhao. Is he trying to get information from me because he thinks that I’m serving Prince Hao as a personal maidservant?


If that’s the case, he will be thoroughly disappointed. Other than knowing Pei Qianhao has mood swings and is sometimes erratic, I know nothing else.


Su Xi-er looked at Yun Ruofeng directly and enunciated her words slowly, "Prince Yun, why are you asking this servant this question?"


"This prince just felt that you are always vigilant, your body constantly tensing up; hence, I asked if that was actually the case"


Su Xi-er shook her head. “You’re overthinking it Prince Yun. This servant was just surprised to find you in the backyard of the posthouse. Since Prince Hao is not in at the moment, why don’t you come back when he returns?"


Yun Ruofeng dismissed the words with a wave of his hand. "This prince didn’t come to see him, but you." The look in his eyes started to change. 


Yun Ruofeng had been struck with a dream last night. In fact, it was a nightmare involving Ning Rulan. She had died with everlasting grievances, and was continuously tugging at the hem of his clothes, refusing to let go. She had repeatedly taunted, “I will make you die a horrible death.”


For reasons unbeknownst to him, when he was jolted awake from the nightmare, Su Xi-er’s face emerged in his mind.


"See this servant?" Su Xi-er put on a puzzled look. To Yun Ruofeng, I am just a stranger. How long have we known each other for him to come to see me when his body hasn’t even fully recovered?


"When this prince first saw you, there was this special feeling that reminded me of an old friend."


"Seeing as how you have repeatedly made this statement, can this servant assume that this old acquaintance was someone very important to you?" Su Xi-er asked on purpose, studying his visage in detail.


Yun Ruofeng’s expression didn’t change, his eyes remaining clear. He gave off the appearance of a pure and sincere individual.


"Yes, they were a very important part of this prince’s life. This prince wouldn’t be here without that person." Yun Ruofeng spoke slowly and looked into the distance, as though he was lost in his memories.


Su Xi-er clenched her fists tightly under her sleeves. An important part of your life? If that’s the case, how can you live with yourself after killing such an important person?


But he was right in saying this one statement. Without this old acquaintance, he would have been nothing.


"It seems that this old acquaintance is no longer around. It’s just that this servant is unable to comprehend such a feeling." Su Xi-er then bowed again and acted as though she was going to leave. 


"Why are you in such a hurry to leave? Chat with this prince."


"This servant has work to do," Su Xi-er rejected him politely. Isn’t he afraid that by doing this, Ning Anlian would get jealous?


Just then, one of Prince Hao’s guards coincidentally showed up. He was startled to see Su Xi-er beside Prince Yun, but quickly gathered himself and bowed. "Prince Yun, the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao is waiting for you in a carriage in front of the posthouse."


Hearing this, Yun Ruofeng nodded. He then looked at Su Xi-er with a smile. "This prince will come again next time."  


The imperial guard by the side was filled with even more apprehension. Prince Yun has taken a liking to Su Xi-er after meeting her?

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