Wooden basin in hand, Su Xi-er headed for the well. Coarse clothes were much easier to wash than fancy ones, only requiring a single wash and rinse.


After washing the coarse clothes, Su Xi-er hung the clothes on the bamboo pole by the side. She then patted the hem of her clothes. I can only stay and behave in the posthouse today.


Placing the wooden basin in her room, Su Xi-er headed for the dining hall. She quickly ate the leftover congee and side dishes before putting down her chopsticks, noticing that the female cook had entered the dining hall in all smiles.



"I told you to come over for breakfast, but there is only some congee and side dishes left. Come over earlier in the afternoon. I will specially cook a dish for you." The female cook said while cleaning up the cutleries.


"You’re too kind Auntie, but I am not picky with food. I eat anything, so you don’t have to specially make something for me."


"How can that do? You are such a bright and beautiful lass; I’ve taken a liking to you since the first time I saw you. If nothing had happened back then, my daughter would probably be around your age." At this point, the female cook started grieving.


Su Xi-er approached the female cook and gently patted her on the shoulder. "Auntie, the food you cook is delicious. I will come over earlier in the afternoon and wait for your food to be ready."


Madam Cook beamed with a smile and nodded repeatedly. "Alright."


Su Xi-er wore a smile. Seeing me will undoubtedly remind Auntie of her own daughter and cause her to become sorrowful.


Just then, an imperial guard entered the dining hall. "Auntie, quickly prepare some of your signature pastries. Prince Yun is here in the posthouse’s main hall, and Prince Hao is not around at the moment"


Upon hearing the words ‘Prince Yun’, the female cook immediately became serious. "I will get to it at once." With that, she headed towards the table and started making pastries.


Hearing that Prince Yun was here, Su Xi-er thought to herself, Pei Qianhao is not in the posthouse, so why did he still come?


"Su Xi-er, Prince Hao has ordered that you are not allowed to sneak out of the posthouse today. Otherwise, you will be beaten by the planks after you are caught." The imperial guard warned Su Xi-er when he saw her. 


This imperial guard wasn’t the same as the one she saw in the morning. Su Xi-er was slightly depressed. Every imperial guard is repeating this order when they see me. I won’t be sneaking out today. They don’t have to repeat these words each time they see me, do they?


Seeing that his words had not elicited any response from Su Xi-er, the guard spoke up again, "Don’t be foolish and ignore Prince Hao’s instructions. Although you were not punished this time around, the future is always uncertain..."


Unable to bear his relentless nagging, Su Xi-er immediately cut him off, "No worries, I won’t sneak out. I do take Prince Hao’s orders to heart. All of you don’t have to remind me again and again." Su Xi-er then walked out of the dining hall.


The imperial guard was surprised. Reminded again and again? Others told her too? He could understand the rest of the guards. If Su Xi-er angers Prince Hao and he loses his temper, his wrath wouldn’t be limited to punishing just Su Xi-er.


I will just stay indoors today. She thought as she walked towards her room, not expecting that she would run into Yun Ruofeng after only a few steps.


He should be in the posthouse’s main hall, so why did he come to the backyard?


The snake venom still not being fully neutralised, Yun Ruofeng’s lips were still slightly pale. When he saw Su Xi-er, he still managed to form a gentle smile.


The golden rays of the sun shone on him, small halos of light diffusing along his white robes. As usual, his smiling visage gave him an image of overflowing gentleness.

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