Immediately after, the imperial guard saw that Pei Qianhao was carrying Su Xi-er into the posthouse. Resting on his strong shoulders, Su Xi-er was sleeping happily with her hands tightly wrapped around Prince Hao.


The guard’s eyes widened as his body trembled not in fear, but in shock!


I didn’t know that Prince Hao is so attentive to women. He even carried Su Xi-er in while not wanting her to be woken up.


All the imperial guards along the way were frightened by the same sight. This woman, although she is asleep, she didn’t stay still. She even raises her hand to hit Prince Hao from time to time. Yet Prince Hao has remained expressionless.


After walking past the main hall and through the hallway, Pei Qianhao carried Su Xi-er into his room directly, setting her down on the bed.


When he got up to leave, he suddenly felt her hand grab his hand, a smile ghosting the corners of her lips. The blush colouring her face only served to make her look especially shy


Looking at her coarse clothes, Pei Qianhao knitted his brows.


“Is there a problem with Prince Hao’s brain? One minute it’s this, and the next it’s that…” Su Xi-er pouted when she finished sleepily mumbling, letting go of Pei Qianhao and turning towards the wall before she fell asleep.


Pei Qianhao’s face darkened. I was her human pillow the entire way back. I even carried her to the bed so that she can rest comfortably.


But what I got in return was this sentence  “Is there a problem with Prince Hao’s brain?”


‘Is there a problem with his brain?’ A glint of evilness flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes before he tore a piece off the cloth covering the nearby table into long shreds. He then stopped in front of the still sleeping Su Xi-er, jostling her slightly.


With her eyes still closed, Su Xi-er raised her hands to hit him for disturbing her when she slept.


Once her hand went up however, it was easily caught by Pei Qianhao. Using his other hand to handle the shred of cloth, he nimbly tied Su Xi-er to the bed column with a few swift movements.


Drunk and unconscious as she was, Su Xi-er had no idea what was happening. She only knew that she was suddenly uncomfortable, as if she had been entangled by something.


Her hands kept flailing and her clothes shifted around as she twisted her body in discomfort, finally resulting in the coarse fabrics bursting open altogether.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes became deep. He thought that she had recovered from her cold, but with careful examination, he realised that her lips were still a bit pale.


He immediately walked out of the room and instructed people to prepare some medicine for her. When the female cook heard this, she immediately began to prepare. “Not to worry Prince Hao, the medicine will be simmered carefully for six hours before being sent to Su Xi-er’s room.”


“Send it to this prince’s room.” Pei Qianhao curtly said before walking away.


The female cook looked at Pei Qianhao blankly. Send it to Prince Hao’s room? Isn’t Su Xi-er a maidservant? Why is she in Prince Hao’s room? Could it be that she is a Room Concubine Servant?


The female cook thought about it carefully. The first time I saw Su Xi-er, I already thought that she was too beautiful to be human. How can any man’s heart not skip a beat for her? It is only expected that she is Prince Hao’s Room Concubine Servant.


Before Pei Qianhao entered his room, he could hear the creaking of the bedboard. Quickening his pace, he was again stunned by the sight that greeted him.


Feeling uncomfortable, Su Xi-er had twisted wildly until she broke free of the cloth tying her to the bed. The cost of this was that her clothes were now fully open, and her grey Chinese bodice was deformed.


Su Xi-er’s cleavage was completely exposed. This was only exacerbated by the fact that she had spread her arms out after breaking free.


Pei Qianhao suddenly felt an oncoming headache as he slowly rubbed his forehead and approached the bed.

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