Pei Qianhao nodded. “Yes, you may.”


The bailiff runner immediately waved to the others waiting outside of the teahouse, signalling for them to enter. All of the waiters were lined up, with the manager at the very front.


Just when they were on the way out, the calm and deep voice of a man stopped everyone in their tracks.


“Leave the manager and the waiter who served the wine behind. How can this prince eat without anyone here to serve me?”


The bailiff runner started to hesitate again before he finally he mustered the courage to ask, “Prince Hao, don’t you have a maidservant to serve you?”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “Tonight, she’s here to drink wine with this prince, not to serve me.”


Although he was laughing, the sound of his laughter was enough to cause goosebumps in people.


The lead bailiff runner knitted his brows, not knowing how to answer him. If the maidservant is drinking with Prince Hao tonight, then one waiter and the manager must be left behind.


Su Xi-er, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly said, “Prince Hao has already given his instructions. Just follow his orders then. If you hesitate again, you won’t be able to take even a single person away.”


Her voice was sharp and clear, but carried a hint of Prince Hao’s tone. She is indeed his servant girl. Having served him for so long, even her tone and mannerisms are similar to his.


The lead bailiff runner had no choice but to retreat. He left behind the waiter and the manager and returned to the County Magistrate’s Office with the others.


After the group left, only the sound of Prince Hao pouring wine could be heard.


As for the manager and the waiter, they were left standing motionlessly at the side as they stared at the ground blankly.


“Which private room of the teahouse did the two Miss’ from the Wei family die in?” Pei Qianhao put down the wine cup in his hand and asked slowly.


The manager pointed to a room at the corner of the second floor. “It’s that one.”


“Did anyone enter that room before they died?” Pei Qianhao continued to ask while his gaze moved back and forth between the waiter and Su Xi-er.


The waiter tremble. He can’t be suspecting that I’m the murderer right? He became even more nervous at the thought of this. “This lowly one had some dishes ready for the second floor, but was stopped by a woman on my way. She claimed that she was a maidservant of the Miss’ from the Wei Family. This lowly one believed her, and let her take the dishes to the room instead.”


The manager’s legs weakened when he heard this, almost plopping to the ground. Maybe that woman was the murderer!


“What did that woman wear, and what did she look like? Tell me everything you know.” Pei Qianhao removed his gaze from Su Xi-er as he continued to question the waiter.


The waiter was frightened by the cold aura around Pei Qianhao and revealed everything. “That woman was dressed in coarse clothes and wore her hair in a round bun behind her head. Her face was full of filth and grime, and looked like she did manual labour. But her eyes were very pretty. When she smiled, her curved eyes and brows were pretty too.”


Although Pei Qianhao didn’t speak, he already had the answers that he wanted. Waving his hand, he continued, “Don’t tell anyone else what you have told me, otherwise this prince will order someone to pull out your tongue right now.”


The waiter plopped to the ground and continuously kowtowed on the floor. “This lowly one will keep it a secret. Prince Hao, please forgive me and don’t pull out this lowly one’s tongue.”


“Both of you, withdraw and do not disturb us.”


Hearing this, the manager immediately bowed before dragging the waiter up from his knees and immediately heading towards the back.


The only people left on the first floor of the teahouse were Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er.


Pei Qianhao picked up the other wine cup and passed it to Su Xi-er again. “Finish this.”


This time, Su Xi-er didn’t try to avoid drinking. She took the wine cup and gulped it all down in one shot. The strong smell of wine overflowed from her lips; it was too spicy and pungent. She couldn’t hold back, and started coughing in Pei Qianhao’s direction.

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She couldn’t hold back and started coughing in Pei Qianhao’s direction. 

Sangria: I thought SXE said that she knows how to drink in the last chapter XD Poor girl drank too fast…

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But her eyes were very pretty. When she smiled, her curved eyes and brows were pretty too.

Lunarlark: This is quite possibly the most useless facial description that I've ever heard in literature.