The lead bailiff runner had a solemn expression, his right hand moving towards his sword in an attempt to ready himself to draw it.


The imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence took a quick look at the bailiff runner and calmly announced, “Prince Hao from Beimin is present. You can’t enter, even if it is to handle a case.”


“What?!”  The bailiff runner was surprised. Prince Hao from Beimin is in the teahouse? When did he arrive?


“If you need to handle a case, either wait until Prince Hao leaves, or ask Prince Yun to come over.” The imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence held his sword steadily, his straight and firm figure emanating an intimidating aura that an average bailiff runner couldn’t compare with.


The lead bailiff runner calmed down, but was repressed with anger. Although Prince Hao is the most powerful man in the world, he should repress his arrogance while in Nanzhao. Seeing as how this is a murder case, he should attach some importance to cooperating with us. Why is he obstructing us?


The imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence rested the tip of his sword on the bailiff runner’s chest. “Get out, if you disappoint Prince Hao, I will not spare you.”


The lead bailiff runner didn’t know what to say. I am just a lowly bailiff runner, how can I win against Prince Hao? But I am working on a case right now.


Just when they were stuck in a deadlock, the deep and powerful voice of a man could be heard. “Let him in.”


The imperial guard immediately returned his sword to the scabbard and stood straight, leaving the bailiff runner to stiffen when he heard the voice.


After quite a while, he turned to the other bailiff runners behind him. “I’ll go in, wait out here.”


The other bailiff runners were trembling with fear; they nodded, but couldn’t speak a single word.


The lead bailiff runner walked in slowly. The shocked waiter who was staring at Su Xi-er lowered his head again and kept wondering. The clothes on her look quite familiar, but her face is fair and beautiful; she is a true beauty. How can she be that woman with a face full of filth and grime?


“Paying respects to Prince Hao. There was a murder case at the teahouse tonight, and the coroner is still performing an autopsy. All waiters from the teahouse will need to be brought to the County Government Office for the hearing.”


Pei Qianhao swirled the cup of wine in his hand, but his gaze was on the other wine cup that he had given Su Xi-er; the one she hadn’t drunk from.


Observing that Pei Qianhao didn’t say a word, the bailiff runner hesitated. He wanted to speak again but didn’t dare to.


A while later, Pei Qianhao said slowly. “This prince will not interfere with the case, but I need all the food to be served. You may then take everyone and leave.”


The bailiff runner was taken aback for a moment. How long will that take? But… I can’t defy him. Thus, he bowed his head and respectfully replied, “We will do as you say, Prince Hao.”


After that, he stood to one side and waited quietly.


Pei Qianhao looked at the waiter who had almost recognised Su Xi-er. “What did you want to say just now? Don’t tell me you recognise this prince’s maidservant?”


This prince’s maidservant… The waiter’s eyes opened wide. I was too impulsive before. How can Prince Hao’s maidservant be that woman?


The waiter trembled. “I don’t.”


“If you don’t know her, why did you act so shocked just now?” Pei Qianhao swirled the wine in his cup as his gaze landed on Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er could tell from his expression that he might have guessed everything. I have been to the teahouse, and I have also seen the Miss’ from the Wei Family.


He has a discerning pair of eyes that can see through everything, but he is able to keep his thoughts hidden. Even when he comes across complicated matters, he can solve them easily.


The waiter fell down to his knees. Just as he was about to speak, two other waiters came in with trays of food. “Prince Hao, all your dishes are here.” 


When the bailiff runner heard the words ‘all here’, he immediately asked, “Prince Hao, all your dishes have been served. Can I take all the waiters away now?”

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