Wei Guang lifted his sleeves and wiped his tears. My poor daughters; they can’t even be buried immediately after death. I must ask a coroner to find out who the murderer is.


“Go and report to your lord. Tell him that he must obtain justice for my daughters; they can’t simply die in vain!” Wei Guang whimpered. He was over a hundred years of age, and not far from death himself. Having lost both daughters, there would be no one there to send him off when he died.


The bailiff runner nodded solemnly. “Landlord Wei, please do not worry. The County Magistrate knows your position in the capital, and will definitely get to the bottom of this.”


After that, the bailiff runners carried the bodies into the carriage and swiftly returned to the County Government Office.


The civilians’ gazes followed the turning wheels of the carriage, recovering from their stupor only when it had disappeared from sight. Some shook their heads, while others sighed and showed sympathy.


“The Miss’ from the Wei Family were quite unreasonable, but they didn’t do anything to harm others. I can’t believe that they have been killed just like that.”


“Did they offend someone?”


“I reckon they must have said something terrible with their vicious mouths and got killed for it.” The crowd was quick to agree with a young man’s suggestion.


People must be careful with what they say and accumulate some merits for themselves.


Su Xi-er continued to pay attention to the movements in front of the teahouse, while Pei Qianhao observed her every move. She seems to be very concerned about what happened at the teahouse, but why would that be the case if she wasn’t involved?


After Su Xi-er put down the horse carriage curtain, Pei Qianhao commanded an imperial guard, “Disperse everyone in front of the teahouse, this prince will book out the teahouse for the night.”


The imperial guard respectfully replied with an affirmative and walked towards the teahouse. Having been trained as a guard at the Prince Hao Residence, he was naturally much more physically fit than ordinary people, allowing him to push through the crowd.


Everyone stared at the imperial guard, their gazes then tracing the path that he had taken. When they saw the horse carriage, most people felt their legs weaken, almost instinctively kneeling. Those who managed to avoid this were still frozen in place, almost as if they had stopped breathing.


That is Prince Yun’s horse carriage… Prince Yun is inside.


The bailiff runners who stayed behind to deal with the aftermath all immediately knelt down and shouted in unison. “Paying respects to Prince Yun!”


On reaction, all civilians also dropped to their knees and chorused, “Paying respects to Prince Yun!”


Inside the carriage, Pei Qianhao leaned against the wall and ignored the crowd outside. If this continues, everyone will think that the one inside the horse carriage is Yun Ruofeng.


Su Xi-er lifted the curtain of the carriage when she saw that he had no intention of speaking. The ethereal voice of a woman came from the inside of the horse carriage. “It is not Prince Yun who is in here, but Prince Hao from Beimin.”


The voice that passed into everyone’s ears sounded melodious enough to come from the heavens. Just when everyone was immersed in the beautiful voice, they suddenly realised what they had heard. Prince Hao from Beimin.


Beimin… Prince Hao, Beimin’s most powerful man and the noblest man in the world, is sitting in the horse carriage right in front of us!


It was as if the air had suddenly congealed. Everyone stiffened, forgetting how to even speak and pay their respects.


It was with this scene that Prince Hao’s imperial guard was met with when he exited the teahouse. Everyone was in a daze, their eyes wide open as they stood rigidly in place, either frozen in fear, or simply shocked silly.


It wasn’t until the woman’s beautiful voice sounded again did everyone recover from their stupor. “Prince Hao instructs everyone to leave swiftly.”


When everyone heard the words ‘leave swiftly, their bodies reacted faster than their heads. Some people immediately dropped to the ground again when they tried to stand up, and had to be supported by someone else before they could finally get up and leave.

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