If he exposes her on the spot, it wouldn't end well. Thinking about how to avoid this, Su Xi-er lifted her hands and undid her bun.


Su Xi-er’s undone hair spread over her shoulders like rivers of obsidian, her fair little face peeking from behind it. Her rosy lips were a shade paler than normal, a sign that she had yet to fully recover from her cold.


The chilly wind blew and lifted the curtains of the carriage, allowing the moonlight to enter and enshroud Su Xi-er in its glow. The resulting serene resplendence looked like something from a dream.


The carriage chose this moment to stop, allowing this sight to be the first thing that Pei Qianhao saw as he opened his eyes.


Su Xi-er's lowered her head as she combed her hair. With her fingers dancing like elves and a few turns of the wrist, a Peach Blossom Bun[1] was completed in a flash.


If she had put on some Peach Blossom Makeup[2] and donned a peach blossom gown, she would have showcased a totally different style.


After the imperial guard driving the carriage brought it to a stop, he noticed that there had been no movement from the inside of it for quite a while. He then looked at the chaos within the teahouse. It seems like a major event had happened.


The guard didn’t dare to take the matter lightly, and reported it to Prince Hao at once. "Prince Hao, it seems that a murder has happened in the teahouse. The place is surrounded by bailiff runners, and many civilians are standing around. Bodies were also carried out of the tea house."


Pei Qianhao disregarded the guard and looked at Su Xi-er instead. "Dolling up all of a sudden. Where did you think this prince was taking you?"


Having tidied her clothes, Su Xi-er answered, "The imperial guard just mentioned that the teahouse is right ahead. However, the murder case is preventing us from entering."


"Who said that we can't enter?" Pei Qianhao lifted the carriage curtains to disembark.


Su Xi-er immediately grabbed hold of his hand and continued, "With a murder having just occurred, it seems a bit inappropriate to show up now. The guard also mentioned that  bailiff runners have surrounded the tea house."


"The murder case is an independent event, and has no influence on one who wants to drink tea and have pastries." Pei Qianhao took Su Xi-er's hand in his instead, wanting to take her out of the carriage.


Stubborn as she was, Su Xi-er continued to pull him back. "Prince Hao, this servant saw two women heatedly fighting for your favour. If you were to appear now, it would definitely add to the current chaos. Why not stay in the carriage and observe the situation outside from within?"


Pei Qianhao looked at Su Xi-er carefully before retreating into the carriage. With a languid expression, Pei Qianhao asked, "Are you afraid?"


"This servant is slow-witted and doesn’t understand what Prince Hao means." 


"Do you really not understand? This prince shall play along with you this time; it's just that this prince suspects..." Pei Qianhao trailed off and didn’t continue his sentence but instead chose to look out of the carriage window to inspect the situation outside the teahouse.


The teahouse was surrounded by a large crowd, making it impossible to access. A row of bailiff runners stood at the entrance of the teahouse, preventing any of the spectators from going in.


The two bodies were covered with two sheets of white cloth. Looking at the two figures, one could tell that they were two women, one fat and one thin.


A grey-haired man was trembling as he slowly lifted a corner of the white cloth. When he confirmed the two bodies to be his daughters, he couldn't stop his tears from overflowing. He had no son but only two daughters.


His daughters might be ugly, but they were the most precious to him. Their family went from poor to rich, finally coming to the capital and establishing a mansion through their ties with Wei Mohai. It could even be said that they were enjoying some level of position in the capital.


I have spoiled his two daughters rotten, causing them to become unruly and wilful, but they had never done anyone any harm. Why did the heavens take away both of my daughters? Who killed my daughters!?


Landlord Wei, it is unfortunate that the two ladies have passed away. My condolences, but we will definitely get to the bottom of this matter. "


Wei Guang looked at the bailiff runner who had spoken, his tears drying up, leaving only the remaining tracks on his face. "I only have two daughters and no son. The pain of the old having to see off the young. I must definitely avenge them! Find the killer for me! He will die a terrible death!"


Wei Guang gnashed his teeth, tightly clenching his fists as he spoke his last sentence.


"The two Miss Wei’s have to be carried to the County Government Office so that the coroner can examine their bodies. Once we have determined the cause of death, you can proceed with their funeral."

1. There seems to be a few examples, but it should probably look something like this:


2. There are different variations to this makeup style, but here is one example:


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