"This servant has returned safely. There's no need for Prince Hao to worry." Su Xi-er enunciated her words slowly, her expression remaining impassive. 


The imperial guard standing by the side was in shock that someone would actually speak like this to Prince Hao. Moreover, when did Prince Hao mention anything about being worried about her? She does sound a little self-important, but it didn’t elicit any reaction from Prince Hao.


Pei Qianhao placed the two luminous pearls in his hands on the table and instructed the guard next to him, "Prepare the horse carriage."  


The imperial guard didn’t understand the current situation, but knew he had to obey the orders of Prince Hao. He immediately bowed deferentially. "This subordinate obeys the orders."


"Sneaking out like a thief. This prince will take you out in an above board manner." Pei Qianhao then stepped out of the hall, heading towards the main door.


Some imperial guards noticed that Su Xi-er remained rooted to the spot and immediately urged her, "Why are you standing there in a daze? Prince Hao didn't get upset with you, and is even willing to bring you out. It's an immense honour, hurry and catch up with him!"


Su Xi-er took a glance at the guards and thought of the teahouse before proceeding towards the exit, wiping off the ashes on her face.


A carriage was already waiting when Su Xi-er reached the gates of the posthouse.


It was a large and splendid carriage with a silver frame that was lined with dazzling spun gold tassels.


Pei Qianhao got onto the carriage while Su Xi-er was still sizing up the carriage. Even the reins of the carriage are wrapped with a layer of golden threads.


"Not getting on yet?" A deep voice came from inside the carriage, drawing Su Xi-er from her thoughts.


Su Xi-er immediately got onto the carriage, feeling it begin to move as soon as she sat down.


Su Xi-er was still taking in the carriage's design as the carriage hurried along. The exquisite interior was decorated with a pale yellow palette, and the cushions were soft and comfortable. This carriage isn’t from Beimin, so it has to be a carriage from Yun Ruofeng's residence.


There were at most, two such horse carriages. According to the laws of Nanzhao, even those in lofty positions couldn’t possess too many fanciful carriages. Even the emperor only had two Dragon Chariots.


"Head towards the busiest street." Pei Qianhao ordered the carriage driver before looking towards Su Xi-er, watching as the latter endlessly sized up the carriage.


"You have been looking nonstop since you got on. Do you like this carriage very much?" 


Su Xi-er retracted her gaze and responded, "There's spun gold on the carriage's inner wall. This cushion has been given the same treatment, and the embroidery on the sides of it are so detailed. Prince Hao, Nanzhao is sure generous."


"Generous indeed. This is Prince Yun's carriage. Why did you go to the busiest street without bringing any money? Didn’t you know that there would definitely be a brothel in a prosperous area? And are you clear on what brothels need the most?”


Su Xi-er responded with a serious expression, "With how this servant is dressed, the brothel wouldn’t take any interest in me, even if I didn’t have ash covering my face. Moreover, this servant was only looking from afar and enjoying the buzz."


"This prince has brought you out, why are you not smearing more ash onto your face again?"


"There's no need to. With Prince Hao around, there's nothing to be afraid of." Su Xi-er deliberately smiled upon saying this. Necessary flattery should still be given.


Pei Qianhao leaned back against the carriage walls and responded, "Shameless bootlicking to get what you want." That being said, he showed no hints of faulting Su Xi-er.


"If Prince Hao doesn't like it, this servant will cease speaking in such a manner," Su Xi-er replied respectfully.


A subtle glint flickered past Pei Qianhao's eyes before he closed his eyes, not sparing her another look.

The carriage steadily drove into the bustling streets. As they were about to reach the teahouse, Su Xi-er looked at the coarse clothes she was wearing. Although I wasn’t the one who killed the Wei Sisters, the shop attendant would recognise these clothes.

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